Mar 31, 2011

Dear Tuesday,

So I know it's already Thursday, but I'd like to dedicate a post to two days ago, Tuesday.
Dear Tuesday, you are not my favorite day. I wish there were more hours in the day each weekly visit I get from you. When my alarm starts singing "Forever" by Chris Brown at 5 in the morning, I want to throw it across the room and stay in my perfectly-cozy bed. After pushing snooze 1-4 times I'm surprisingly able to drag myself into the bathroom, only to see a scary pale face looking back at me in the mirror. Belonging to me. I am usually rushing because I need to be out the door NO later than 5:39. And remember the snooze pushing? Yeah...skills.
6am, patients start arriving, and suddenly I am the best actress. "No I'm not tired, are you?"
Some hours pass in a blur, eventually it's ten o'clock. Time to make like a tree and leaf (haha?). Class starts at ten thirty. I get to the Family Life building at my usual time of 10:28. All the good seats are taken by ladies who arrived like AN HOUR early. I get the stink eye from a special handfull of them that I just love to death, {sarcasm will kill you}I sit down and mind my manners. Class= 2 hours long.
Back to the office.
A few hours of staying busy, being tempted by cookies in a large jar that Ms Ropelato places in front of me for patients to take on their way out the door into the world. Nothing better than starting a new journey with a chocolate chip cookie in hand.
Eventually it is 3 o'clock. Patients gone, sleepy staff. It's time for a nap. 4:15, Chris Brown again. BLAST you, Chris Brown! "Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged my comb across my head..."
At 4:58 I arrive at the Maxxinista House. Tuesday, you feel the need to fill five hours of my life with required customer service and asking "Every Customer, Every Time" if they'd like to apply for the rewards card. On a bright note, two people said yes this Tuesday. Shocking. We closed up at 9:30, saying goodbye to the lady with the poodle that had been there for 3 hours and 19 minutes. She left empty handed. She forgot her credit card. She talked to her dog. She's always there. For hours.
Hallelujahs began ringing at 9:59 when manager Lindsay said "Let's go home!" Yay.
10:00. Punched out. I'm about to call it quits on you, Tuesday. What keeps me going? Surprising my cute fiance by driving out to Nibley to spend a few minutes and kisses with him. But we must go to bed, we're both tired. I've heard tired can be bad when you're with someone you love. Yes? yes.
Remember me telling him I need to leave at 11:00? Remember how you let the clock keep ticking past that? No worries, I totally left at 11:20. Tuesday, you were the first night I was in bed before midnight this whole new year. Thank you.
I'm looking forward to dreading you for the next five days.

Sincerely, Ash

Mar 28, 2011


So today I was on campus for a good 9 hours. In those 9 hours I had to utilize the toilet one time. That one time I need the toilet I had a stooper of thought: Am I the only one who walks to the very end just so I'm not next to another person who might hear me? And I'm pretty sure 8/10 times I pick a stall that is clogged or the seat is dirty, proceed to a further stall, which is dirty 5/10 times...and so on. Thus wasting the precious minutes away.
I think I'd call that potty-stage-fright.
Another thing: Am I the only one who drives around the parking lot just to find the nearest, most convenient spot to park? If I would just be a little less lazy I would cut time down, get some exercise with those extra 12 steps, AND save gas! Yeah...what have I been thinking?
This weekend was fun :) On Friday I drove down to Bountiful for a bridal shower thrown for yours truly by my future  in-laws. It was a lot of fun and people are so kind and generous. FYI: the Feller girls are really crafty and cute...I need to work on that!
I stayed at my moms house for the weekend and it was really good to spend time with her, it's a rare occurrence. On Saturday Mom, Mr Feller and I went to Kaysville and ordered our wedding cake! It'll be so cute. And hopefully tasty. THEN we headed to Salt Lake for Little Miss Avery's 2nd birthday party. It was themed around Woody from Toy Story, he's basically Ave's boyfriend (she's obsessed.) THEN Mom took me shopping for some mother-daughter time. It was really good to spend even just an hour not planning the wedding. Just me and mom. She got me cute black flats and some make up. Mom. I'll try my best not to stink up these shoes right away :)
THEN she treated Mr Feller and I to dinner at the Red Iguana 2. I ordered a shredded pork enchilada. Sounds delicious, right? Yes. I asked  the waiter for zero spiciness. He must have thought that was a joke because my food was the spiciest on the table! Not funny sir. Jon was sweet enough to trade me dishes.
After dinner my date and I said our goodbyes to my mom then headed to his cousins wedding reception. It was really fun and the bride was beautiful. THEN we went to Jon and Emily's to play games with friends. I love going home, away from Logan. It kind of helps me put things into better perspective and just relax. I think it's because I'm not surrounded by a bunch of people that aren't the nicest and my family and friends are from anywhere but Logania. Logan is wonderful, sometimes it's just too small.
On Sunday I spent the morning with my mom, planning wedding once again. Then I headed to Aubrey's to hang out with her for a little bit. She just gave birth (2 weeks ago) to her second child, Noah Shaner. He is ADORABLE! Aubrey is so strong, she gave birth in her own home, not medicine or shots, nothin'. How empowering! She slept for a little bit while I was there, which I'm so glad because if I feel sleep deprived just from staying up past midnight having FUN (in most cases), she must be exhausted getting less than 4 hours of sleep each night.
Oh the joys of motherhood :)
Later on Sunday my mom came with me to dinner at the Feller's home. Roast beef, corn, green beans, potatoes, rolls...yum. More wedding planning occurred. Feeling a little overwhelmed. It was fun to have her there with me.
And now I'm back in Cache Valley. Lots of homework, upcoming tests, work everyday but today, places to go, people to see, things to do...yay.
I'm sorry this was long and picture-less. If you didn't read it, it is allllll good.
Stacie, I need to call you! And BEFORE it gets too late at night.

Mar 27, 2011

giving in

I've been debating whether to post our engagements before we send out announcements or to wait...and I've decided to share just a few. Some of these you've already seen, and if you see some of them on the announcement (which isn't done yet)...I apologize.

Our photographer: Kelley Howe. Check her out at

Mar 25, 2011

date night

Jon and I have an official date night each week: Wednesday. This just started last week when we decided that we don't ever go on dates, and the weekends are crazy busy with marriage stuff and everything. 
This week? One of our favorites: Rumbi Island Grill. The plan was to try a different restaurant that we've never been to on each date, but the one we were planning on was closed down...for the day or forever, I'm not sure. SO we chose a place we've probably gone to like 20 times. It never fails :)
 Jon with some pulled pork amazing-ness.  
 Ash devouring her Hawaiian Teriyaki delight

Mmm mmm good.
Yesterday I had to give a lesson/presentation/illustrated talk in my orientation class (remember my sad cooking demo?). I COULD NOT decide what would be best for me to talk on. Then about a week ago I just really felt like I needed to talk about eating disorders. I knew it wasn't in the curriculum for FCSE, which the presentation was required to stay in that curriculum.. but I just really felt like I needed to. Maybe there were things I needed to learn. Maybe someone in the class needed to hear it. 
I don't know, maybe I wasn't supposed to do it on that? 
It went better than the food demo. Hallelujah, right? I'm pretty sure college age ladies going into teaching {just like me} are much more intimidating than high school students. Just sayin'.
Anyway, amidst my blog-stalking just after I decided to research more on eating disorders, I came across one that I will now forever follow. This blog had a post totally based on eating disorders, different misconceptions and truths about them, how many women and men are affected by it, how serious it really is, and so on. Thank you C.Jane for your post, your blog, living the life you do. You are a great example to me.
43 days, people! 43 days.

Mar 21, 2011


Jon and I had our engagement shoot with Kelley Howe last Friday. She was so sweet and cute, the awkwardness I was expecting to feel from posing in front of a complete stranger was nowhere present. Kelley was so kind of fun to work with. Thanks, Kelley! 

In sewing 2040 we're required to make a pair of pants and a blouse. At the beginning of the semester I thought, "Piece of cake!" Oh how naive I can be at times. I am currently working on my pants. I chose to make shorts since it requires less fabric and they aren't as fancy as longer pants. I feel like I'm looking at blueprints, not a pattern for simple looking shorts! After being completely lost in class on Friday I called Dee Dee, the sewing goddess. Jon and I made a quick trip to Bounty-land Sunday after church and boy-oh-boy was she helpful! On top of that, we were fed 1/2 pound burgers and brownies in celebration to Houst's and Boyd's birthdays. My youngest sibling is now 15, HOLY!  

Can I just tell you stalkers how hard it is to focus on school, work, blogging, etc...when you are planning a wedding? Man. I don't suggest you try it. 

We only have a little less than 7 weeks and I feel like there's lots more to be done! 

Mar 18, 2011

What bothers you?

Something that drives me crazy: when you smile at someone and they don't smile back. It's not necessarily because I need to be smiled at...I think it's because I am guilty of instantly thinking that person is mean or doesn't like me, even if they're a total stranger.
Yeah, I know, right? 
I'm a baby. 
So today we're finally taking our engagements-a week and a half later. Our photographer got the flu on the original day, then the rain came down for 24 hours on our make-up day. So here we are, Friday March 18th, it's windy with a 10% chance of rain. And NOBODY better get sick. Thanks :) haha
I'm grateful for this coming weekend. We have no major plans other than work {with some wedding planning in between of course}. The next 6 or 7 weekends (however many are left) following will be crazy. Full of showers, meetings, birthday parties, temple stuff, moving into our new place,wedding, etc. Oh and 3rd exams and finals are still approaching. Joy. 
Something else that bothers me: when my fingers swell up. I get a little indentation from my ring. It has become permanent and it looks funny. Nothing better than fat fingers ;)
So my advice- be a smile-backer. People like when you show your pearly whites, or even just curve your lips a little bit. 
Any advice on how to avoid swollen fingers? 

ps: I'm grateful these bothers won't kill me. 

Mar 8, 2011

I am officially done with today. It needs to be over. It needed to be over at approximately 9:00 this morning.
How has your Tuesday been?

Mar 7, 2011


Jon+Ash= SUPER productive today. minus a few set backs you shall read about.
We woke up early this morning (if you consider 8 early. Please say you do) and headed South... From Logania. 
We stopped at the Layton hills mall {which DOMINATES the Logan mall by a long shot} and purchased 20 ties. Um yes, 20. This wedding is going to be a orange-yellow-aqua PARTY! 
After failing to find orange Vans for my fiance, we headed to the Centerville Target to register. Totally not planned, but I'm so glad we did it! It was funny to see what things each of us thought were necessary and things we didn't agree on wanting. It didn't take too much for one of us to go with the others choice though. 
After two hours of scanning, we headed to Joanns fabric and picked out fabric for the tables. The cuteness I have been seeing in my head has almost become a reality :)
Next: Dee dee met us (at Joannes) and we went to the infamous Jake's Over the Top and stuffed our faces (not really though). THEN, on to White Elegance. I found a temple dress =]
woo woo!
Later we tried to go to a skateshop (Surface) in Bountiful that is closed down apparently. Vans failure numero dos. 
SO we headed to the Gateway. Shopping at an outdoor mall in the pouring rain-turned snow flakes probably isn't the funnest thing I've done. But I don't know, maybe? 
Anyway. No orange Vans. In any of the 3 stores that carry Vans! Sad sad day. That equals 6 failed attempts at finding those needed shoes (including the frowned-upon day in Logan). 
Our next choice: turquoise. Too bad Journey's was the only store that had them in every size but Jon's! Wow. 
We headed to a skate shop that we found online in Salt Lake...about 15 blocks East of the Gateway. Guess what? It's out of business. 
I turned to Jon and said, "I'm really grateful we aren't angry people." He {sarcastically} replied, "Oh I am ticked!" Pretty sure I've never heard the word "ticked" come out of my boys mouth. Haha, good one, Jon. 
Onto the next destination: Bountiful! I dropped Fell off at Jon and Em's for Brady's bachelor partay. The turquoise Vans search will just have to be put on hold til tomorrow...which is when we need them. Whoever might be reading my ramblings right now, please cross yo' finga's that the Layton mall will not fail us once more. Gracias.
Well I think I'll go snuggle with my loyal friend, Manda, right now. She's cute and furry, and a chihuahua. 
Goodbye. Goodnight.

Mar 4, 2011


Hello weekend. 
I was beginning to think you wouldn't get here.
My Chem teacher, Dr. Jacobsen just earned the "Best Person of the Day" award for canceling class as soon as we all sat down today. Wise decision, sir. 
As I was walking home from my canceled, I had some thoughts that I'd like to share. 
#1- My new personal goal: I will get my hair trimmed every 2 months. {It's a little ridiculous when it takes 2+ years to grow 4 inches of hair}. I may need your guys' encouragement/friendly little reminders on this one. 
#2- Spring is here. For today at least. Just ignore the snow on the grass.
#3- The sound of making a call is annoying. RING RING. They should come up with something new, besides the tunes we are encouraged to enjoy while our party is reached. 
#4- Dr. Jacobsen=awesome. 
#5- I'm really excited to marry Jon. 
#6- I wish your re-growth hair roots would just be the same color as the color you have at that time. Life would be easier. We'd all save money, unless we are addicted to hair-change. 
#7- Spring break is the best decision school's ever made. 

So last night Jon, Mindi, and I spent quite a while making the final decision on the tables/decorations for the reception. You'd think it would be simple...or at least I did...thanks for your help, Mindi :)
For all the sistas and brothers and parents that might read this blog. or post. Here are the colors. Please try to coordinate. Thanks guys!
ps- guess what's being altered right now? :)

Mar 1, 2011

A toast. I mean post.

Before I begin my afternoon/evening of studying things I don't like (um...Chemistry) I would like to make a toast. I mean a post.
While others out there are OBVIOUSLY experiencing Bieber-fever, Miss Ashley here is having some serious symptoms of
Will it ever come?
Okay, I know it's only March, but for reals more snowstorms!

I can't find my car. Have you seen it?

Saturday night was the last home game for the Aggie Basketball team. They are champs. WAC champs, actually. Those boys are pretty impressive! GO BIG BLUE
Next week is Spring break. No major plans...hopefully some long naps, nice back massages, pedicures, night time walks on the beach... a girl can dream. Maybe out of those options I'll be able to squeeze in a half hour nap or something. It'll be a normal week, minus school. Jonny boy and I are taking our engagements :). 
Are you as excited as I am?
Well well well, my 5 minutes is up. I'll end this post with some pictures of awesome people and a toast to...spring!