Jul 28, 2012

New Hobby

Homeboy is in town. How excited are you?? Ecstatic I'm sure.
We've had such a fun day, just the two of us.
Have you ever gone to a trampoline house?
I didn't think I'd feel out of place at all, but we received some not-so-loving looks from parents on the sidelines.
I guess we are too old to have fun or something.
But we already knew that fifteen minutes into our play time when we were sweating and out of breath.
I miss being "young" and in shape! I blame the yogurt.
We were discussing an activity slash hobby we'd like to do together. Here's what we came up with:
That's right ladies and gentleman. We're bringing sexy back. Just you wait.
Happy Sunday!

Jul 24, 2012


Hey. Hello. Hi. Hola. Howdy. Holler. Wassup.
 We had our grand opening on Saturday. Let me just tell ya, it was CRAZY. 
I was honestly shocked at how messy people were! 
What is it about "free yogurt and toppings" that makes people go psycho? 
The floor was trashed, the toppings were getting mixed, and people were grumpy. 
Managing a froyo joint...it's a hard life. 
JK I love it, I'm just happy that day is ova.

My Feller might be able to visit this weekend.
 I'm pretty upset that it's only Monday because that means I still have 4 days. 
I'm usually a ppp {pretty-patient-person} but not when it comes to getting my husband back. 
He needs to get here NOW!  
Or at least before I turn all free-froyo-psycho on ya'll. 

Did anyone else watch the Bachelorette?  
I did. Well I watched 3 of the last 4 episodes, but that was enough to make me fall for Jef.
Good thing the beautiful Emily chose him! 
My next goal in life is to make Jon dress like the Utahn stallion without making it too obvious. 
That boy has got some serious style!  
And  I know his hair is fantastic, but I guess I won't push it too far. Jon, you can keep your mane.

I went to my Grandpa's 80th birthday tonight.
It was like a little family reunion, I quite enjoyed seeing some of my cousins that I haven't seen in 11 years. Yes 11. I know it's ridiculous. 
Anyway, my grandpa is one gooood looking eighty year old! I surely hope I got his great genes, he doesn't look a day over 65 to me.  
I have so many fun memories with my grandpa. We used to live just across the creek from him and grandma so I was over there playing with my cousins ALL THE TIME. {My poor grandma, she probably hoped to be done raising kids at that point! We were little terrors.}
Just some of my favorite memories:
Playing giddy-up on grandpa's lap
Gramps helping me with math. I have loved math ever since he gave me some knowledge. 
Walking over each Sunday for church and {amazing} dinner
TONS of sleepovers 
Halloween parties, the haunted forest
Trips to Carl's Jr for the star nuggets
Riding the ATV's
 Looking through old photo albums
Putting on dances and plays with the cousins, I can't believe our grandparent's actually sat through all of them!
Ginger-ale and crackers when I was sick
Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat
Grandpa sharing his Dr Pepper with me because I somehow convinced him it helped me fall asleep :)
Telling them they weren't "old geezers" until they turned 80. {I think I'll change that to 90 now}
..and so many more. I definitely miss being a kid and Grandma and Grandpa's house, 
I'm so blessed to have had them as examples of hard work, love and faith. 
Happy birthday Gramps! 

I hope everyone is taking advantage of family time, especially after what has happened in Colorado this past week. 
I cannot stop thinking about it.
It makes me so grateful for each day I have to live with so many wonderful people in my life. 
Here's to hoping I stop taking things for granted.

ps. If you want to make a child's WORLD, do the spider on a swing with them.
You won't regret it.

Jul 19, 2012

Remind Me

I want to go on a run in the morning.

Will everyone please remind me tomorrow that I actually said this?
I seem to forget more and more with each smack of the snooze button.

Thanks. Talk to you tomorrow.

Jul 18, 2012

Wednesday Thought{s}

What is your honest opinion about people going to movies alone? This summer might be my time to allow myself to look like a {loser}

What problems drive you the most crazy? Health, home, or automobile?

How can I help someone want to quit their job so I don't need to be an evil boss and fire them?

Who else has a fascination with peeling skin? Now I don't like peeling other people's skin, that's just super gross. But when it comes to my peeling knees at the moment, I just can't get enough.
That's kinda gross.

Jul 17, 2012

Busy Bee

I've been busy around here! Too busy to blog, which is sad. 
I just figure I need to leave a little update on what's up with the Feller's.
I'm a fan of the bullet style, so here we gooo.

-I have officially been out of Texas for 7 weeks and I'm really missing it!
Jon and I could totally see ourselves living there someday. Who's ready to drive 21 hours to visit us? :)
-Yogurtland has been open for 4 weeks. It has been fun to watch it grow and get busier each week!
 I'm pretty sure I'm the most annoying person I know because all I talk about is freaking yogurt.
 What is happening to me??
-My Feller came home for 6 days for a family reunion. Oh boy, it was glorious! 
I was too busy soaking him up to take any pictures, my bad. 
You should've seen our reunion at the airport. It was really cute and involved an epic twirly-hug. 
 Aren't twirly-hugs the best?
-We spent literally every waking minute together for 6 days straight, so sending him back to work was so so hard. It has made us both realize how important it is for him to have a career that doesn't require a ton of travel.
 We aren't good when we're apart more than a week...I'm sure you can all relate. 
I am on edge. Always. Luckily work life has kept me busaaay. 
-If you are fb friends with me, you may have seen that I hired a high school couple without knowing?
Oh it was so crazy to find out and I was all worried there would be drama and they would get off-task with the flirtations, but actually they are awesome! I love working with them and they are some of my best employees. They probably think I'm super lame when I'm giving them advice on how to make a high school relationship last...they are just so giggly. All the time. 
-I expected to have tons of time to see friends and family as soon as I moved back to Utah, but having one day off a week doesn't give me much play time.
 It's pretty frustrating! I'm sure it won't always be like this.
Luckily I'm living with my big sista for the summer so I can at least spend sometime with her and my niece. 
I definitely thought I'd see them more than I do!
-I really dislike money. REALLY dislike it. We've spent over $500 on gas out in Texas..lame!
 Let's hope it has been worth it, and the guys riding with Jon everyday will pay him back.
-I went apartment hunting around Salt Lake with my sis today..it wasn't successful. 
It amazes me how expensive really crappy apartments are! One thing I need is to feel safe, and it's really hard to find a place that feels secure..and like home. Unless of course I want to spend more than a thousand each month. Which is impossible. 
Here's to hoping something great will find US. 
If any of you know of places in the Salt Lake area that are decent, would ya mind sharing some info?

Sorry for the lame post. Hope you are all dandy and haven't forgotten about this old blog!