Aug 25, 2011

A New Portal

Last week after 2 twelve hour shifts and a half day, Jono and I (with the Gordon's) made our way to the Salt Lake International Airport. From there we flew to Orange County. From there we drove to the Island Mall {I think?} in Newport to meet up with the rest of the Feller fam adults for dinner at the Cheescake Factory. and then to Yogurtland....
This was the start of something great.
We were spending 4 and a half days in Costa Mesa. It was the annual Feller adult trip! did you know Fell and I are adults now?? Cute.
It was SO much fun.
We: ate much more than necessary. boogie boarded in the salty ocean waters. biked along the pier. rode the ferry to Balboa Island for some frozen bananas. drank way more coke than legal. slept in a college party house. slept in each morning {well...I did. who knew Feller's never sleep in? I guess I will have to be the exception.} played fun games. shopped at H&M {hellooo Fashion Place mall!}. went to a couple movies. bought tons of popcorn at those movies. developed food babies in the bellies...and so on...
Needless to say, I quite enjoyed my stay in Cali. Thank you Jack and Margo for such a fun and relaxing trip!
Here's my sad collection of pictures. maybe I'll try harder next time.
 Buhbye logania.
Hello Delta
 Welcome to the house. Partyyy.
 What is up my sistaaa.......?
 I could live on the beach anyday.all day. Who's with me?
 Jonny's shades. 10 buckaroos.
 Jess and Mindi
{Like I said, maybe I'll get pics of EVERYONE that was there next time. sorry to the ones I left out}
 Ferry to Balboa.
Oh hey.
 This. This is what I love.
 Ms Jess
We'll be missing you, Cali.

Aug 9, 2011


If you are grossed out, don't read any further.
You have been warned.

As some of you know, I have been a receptionist at a dental office for about 6 months now. It has been a really awesome job. The office I work in is so comfortable and homey, and smells very pleasant. NOT like a dental office. Nice? Mmmmhmm. 
 Anyway. My job includes answering the ringing phone, calling on patients insurance, making reminder phone calls, scanning files into the computer, filling out postcards to send out each month, fix the rug by the front door that seems to move by itself, and so on.

One fine day our 2 last patients were a married couple. They had 3 kids with them. A 6 year old, 4 year old and 3 year old. They were cuties. I walked away from the front room {where they were playing with toy dinosaurs} for about 3 minutes. Next thing I know...the payroll guy sitting out there comes to me saying the 4 year old is bawling. I walk out and find her hiding behind a wall.
"I-I pooped...I pooped my pants!..."
Ok so what should I do? The mom's mouth is full of tools, no way she could have come quickly. The dad would have probably been my best option, as he was only getting his teeth cleaned. Did I think of that? no. I grabbed the little girls hand and said 'You don't know me, but come on!'
We were followed into the bathroom by the 3 year old. "I pee'd my pants..."

Are you kidding me?

I sit the pooper on the toilet, she does her business {by emptying the soil in her panties into the toilet}. No, I didn't wipe for her. I mean come on, she's 4! It smelled like a porta-potty and the seat got a bit dirty. {don't worry, I cleaned it. and it has been cleaned several times since the incident.}
The little pee-er pulled her pants down. I was lost at this point. I told her to just take off her panties and put her pants back on. I wrapped the dirtiness in paper towels and put them in a plastic baggy.

For the next 20 minutes the little...uh...cuties sat on their knees, keeping their bums in the air until mommy was done. Funny site.
When she came out and reacted to the news, I was regretting not pulling her away from her root canal to take care of her kiddos. Oops.

I felt relieved when they were gone. Gross, but relieved.
We were about to leave for the day when suddenly I noticed something. A little brown pebble on the ground by my desk. I felt I had my fair share of poop for the day, so "Ms. Roprah", the office manager, was kind enough to pick it {and the 2 others found after} up.

Let's just was a really crappy situation.

Aug 2, 2011


It's about time I finally get some more wedding pictures on here...I mean, it's only been 3 months!
Handsome Hue

We had such great support from loved ones before, during, and after our wedding day. We're so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives, thank you everyone who has supported us from day one! 
Here's a selection of the rest of the wedding day pikchas:
Both families
 My side
 Feller side
 All the sistas
My 3 sisters that could be there. Heidi was really sick so she couldn't make it and Stacie just had her baby Conner in Virginia. We missed them!


 Money dance!
 Sisterly love
 Jon and his bro Jed. Love it.

Cha-cha line dance
See ya!