Dec 23, 2011

We be Trippin'

Jon and I took a quick {seriously!} trip over to California for one of his mission buddy's wedding. The temple, luncheon, and reception were beautiful! I love Cali, but HATE the roads! Seriously, most confusing highways I've ever experienced...lucky for us we have a gps on our phone, we'd probably still be trying to find our way back if it wasn't for that! 
After 24 (out of 72) hours in the car,  1594 miles across 4 states, 8 movies, 
and a pretty yucky hotel, we're happy to be home :)
and I'm thinking we'll wait a little while before taking another road trip.
 We took advantage of one of their Christmas trees.
The happy couple. Mr.&Mrs. Bassett. Congrats!
The LA temple was all lit up, almost as great as the SLC temple.
We walked around for a minute after the wedding, and I was kinda shocked how cold it was outside!
{Duh Me, it is December after all}
We tried getting the Angel Moroni in the picture with us...the bottom right is what we got.
I wish I would have taken more pictures of the reception, I just felt like I would look a weirdo since I knew nobody but my husband.
A bit awkward...
Anyway, it was themed around the 50's! the colors were fun, the candy was old fashioned, her bridesmaids were decked out...I loved it. I love weddings :)
Jonny and I had our Christmas with just the two of us today, since this weekend will be quite crazy! Boy oh boy did we spoil each other. It has been such a great relaxing day, thanks for everything babayyy!
Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope this season has been great for you, and hope we can all keep the spirit that is felt this time of year ALL year long. I'm so grateful for the gift of Christ, our Savior. This next year I will do all I can to come closer to Him, and dedicate myself more in service for others.

Dec 19, 2011

Oh Santa!

This song is stuck in my head at all times. I woke up this morning singing it...poor Jon.
I hear it twice a day while I'm at work, you might just find me dancing up and down TJ's aisles,
if you're lucky ;)

Merry Christmas!

Dec 15, 2011

I'm a week late...

...wishing my bro Ty Ty a happy 25th birthday! 
Wow, a whopping 2-5. You're old, dude. ;)
Ty has always been the best big brother I could have ever asked for. I remember being on the bus in junior high and asking all the kids older than me if they knew who Tyler Christiansen was,
cause he's MY big brother.
He's funny, no no- WAaaaAY funny!
He's smart.
He's good looking.
He always has a new pair of shoes on {maybe he has stinky feet, too?}
He's well groomed.
He's caring.
He's giving.
Did I mention he's funny?
and I love him.
Thanks for practicing your WWF wrestling moves on me when we were kids. Thanks for the random phone calls to see what's up. Thanks for always giving a hug hello and goodbye. Thanks for going to a high school dance with me when you were a super senior. Thanks for being a good brother. 
Happy belated birthday, you old fart!

Dec 8, 2011

Today was Good.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually my least favorite days when it comes to school. I go to campus at 7, and don't get done with classes until 3. By then I am definitely starving and my eyes are droopy. I start out with my jogging class, where I get all sweaty and stuff. Yum. Then I hurry to my 3 hour sewing class. I may have said this before, but if you ever want to lose some self-esteem {who would?} take an advanced sewing class with a bunch of girls in your same major who dominate! I purposely pick projects to do that are easier than all the others because I know if I even tried to attempt what they do, I would fail! I've only had two days this semester where I've actually cried in that class, but that's just embarrassing enough! It kinda stinks when all the girls are talking to each other, saying "how cute!" everyone's projects are, and I hear nothing. {don't worry, I've thrown myself a pity party or two} But I must say, I'm happy with my work! My teacher is so sweet and kind and helpful, this was her last semester teaching sewing as she'll be retiring. She definitely deserves a long and relaxing retirement! {Thanks, Lu!}
ANYWAY! After sewing class is over, I actually stay in the lab an extra hour and a half trying to catch up. Then I head to Preschool Methods, probably one of the most pointless classes for my major {I'm going to teach high schoolers...not preschoolers!} But as I've listened to the lectures I've taken them more as how to parent toddlers. haha :) For a month we've been working on our lesson plans, INTENSE STUFF right there!
By the time those days are over I'm pooped. And I usually head into work at 5. Yikes!
Well today was a different Thursday. Jon didn't have work, so I rode with him to class (he has a 7 o'clock class too) in his car that he got all warmed up. He got me a poptart to get through my classes {super healthy, huh?} Then when class got out he was waiting for me right outside the building. No walking across campus for me!
I came home to the best surprise! a suuuper clean house. Yes! I haven't had time to clean for a few weeks, and it was starting to get pretty bad...Thanks Jono! I love you!
I didn't have work tonight, so a nap was taken, a Christmas movie is being watched, and my stinky feet are being rubbed. Lucky is my fitting.
Now if I could just focus on my final projects and study a bit for finals next week!