Jun 29, 2013

Say Hello to Oliver!

Tuesday June 18 was a pretty normal day to begin with. Little did I know my whole world would shortly be changing.
I was getting ready for my second day back to work after being on bed rest for 2 1/2 weeks. 
I was really excited to get out of the house and make some money! 
As I was doing my hair and such I started to have some mild cramps and contractions
{I figured they were Braxton Hicks as they weren't very painful}.
Within 45 minutes they became so strong that I couldn't stand up through them.
I was literally about to walk out the door thinking I would just sit at the register during work, 
but I had a feeling I should just tell Bradon that either I would be late or having a baby. 
He laughed and was fine with it.
{Bradon is our good friend. He is managing for me this summer. He has been such a champ and doesn't hate me -yet- for all of the craziness that has evolved in the last weeks of this pregnancy}.
Jon was gone to class and work for the day. I tried calling and texting him a handful of times and couldn't get a hold of him... 
that's when I started to freak! I knew his class got over an hour earlier, so what the heck??
I was about to drive the hospital myself when he finally called me back. 
He got home so fast and did a great job keeping me calm as he finished packing our hospital bag. 
On our way to LDS Hospital we got stuck on the freeway where there was a horrible accident.
I had 5 or more stroooong contractions before we had even moved. So fun! 
We got there at 2pm, I got my hospital gown on, and they checked to see how far along I was.
"Oh wow, you're at a 7 and 100% effaced. You want an epidural right? We better get that going right now before it's too late!" 
Good work, bod ;)
The epidural rocked and I felt relief almost instantly. So much that I couldn't feel my left leg at all, it was crazy.
They wheeled me into the delivery room to hang out for at least 4 hours so the penicillin could do it's work 
{or else I could have passed strep b to the babe}.
My sister Brittany met us there, I was so grateful to have her there to give advice and help me understand just what was going on. 
AND she took pictures of the delivery which is pretty awesome.
Around 6pm the nurse came in to check me and break my water. I was at a 9
After breaking my water I felt very strong contractions on my right side. They were so painful it seemed as if I hadn't had an epidural at all! The anesthesiologist asked if I would like to have the epidural re-administered. In my mind I thought the delivery would go really quick, but Britt reminded me that she pushed for 2 1/2 hours with her first...so I decided a second shot was a great idea!
Once again it worked instantly and I felt so much relief. Thank goodness!
We started pushing at 7:50pm and had to stop because the dr wasn't there yet and baby's head was sticking out! {tmi? sorry!}
Dr Jackson got there, I pushed 4 or so more times and we were done! SO much quicker and easier than I could have hoped for. 
 Say hello to Oliver Jack Feller!
Born 3 weeks early on Tuesday June 18 at 8:38pm.
7 pounds 3 ounces.
20 1/2 inches long. 
The amount of love that I feel for this perfect little boy is impossible to explain. 
It is amazing that this sweet baby was just with our Heavenly Father, and that we have always been his mom and dad here on earth. I can't wait to watch him grow! He already has some cute quirks about him. I love watching him sleep with his mouth open. He loves his hands. He loves to be snuggled, if only he could just sleep on my chest all night every night...I bet we would both get a lot more sleep that way. I love when he is awake, his eyes are so sweet. He spits up a lot, but it doesn't bother him. I feel bad that his clothes get all wet and his tummy is probably hungry majority of the time, but he only cries when he is getting changed because our house is so cold. I love his long fingers and toes. I love his poo face. I love his gas smiles. 
I just love my little Oli.
The amount of love I feel for my feller is also impossible to explain. It seemed to grow so much as soon as Oliver was laid on my chest.
Together we created this beautiful babe, I can't imagine a better dad for my children.  
He has already been so helpful day and night. He adores our little guy so much. I can't wait to watch him and our son be buddies and play sports. 
Jon is hoping that Oliver will be taller than both of us... we will see about that! 
 Oli loves getting bathed
 He sleeps all day and stirs all night. We  will figure it out :) 
 Oliver and I love skin-to-skin. 
 Heading home was a little scary, but it has been great.
It is hard to remember our lives before Oliver joined our family! 
My body seems to be getting used to the lack of sleep and countless hours of feeding and changing.
We have hoped and prayed for this for some time, I can't imagine a better time than now for Oli to be here.
 It is going to be a challenge at times with Jon in school and work full time, money is going to be reallllly tight for years to come. 
But I know I am supposed to be a mother. I know Oliver was sent to our family at this time for special reasons. 
What a sacred experience this whole pregnancy has been. 
We love you so much, Oliver! 

Jun 9, 2013

Maternity Shoot

A couple months ago I got a message from a friend who is a photographer saying I should enter a drawing for a FREE photo shoot with her!
I never ever win, but I figured I would take a chance.
Well what do you know...I won!
 Madison's business is called MK Nash Photography. She is so so sweet and way talented, I'm so happy with how our maternity shoot turned out!

Thank you, Madison! I can't wait to do our newborn shoot with you :)

Bed Rest

Last Thursday night as I was preparing for bed, I noticed I was having contractions very close together. 
I'm used to having Braxton Hicks every 40 minutes or so,
so I  didn't think anything was out of the ordinary when I was having contractions through out the day.
 After I washed my face and brushed my teeth I sat in bed and began to time each one. Turns out I was having a contraction every 3 to 5 minutes and they lasted about a minute. I was only 34 weeks and 4 days at this point so I reeeaallly didn't want to go to the hospital! 
I got in the bath around midnight and they didn't slow down at all. So reluctantly I had Jon call the doctor and she said we should go into labor and delivery. We asked her what the risk was of trying to just sleep through them and see if they stopped and she said we would probably be having our baby much sooner if we did that. Dang. Off to LDS hospital we went! 
We got checked in and the RN {who we loved, she was so nice} checked to see if I had dilated. 
Yep, I was dilated to a 3 and 60% effaced. "Well that's not what we want to see!" she said. 
I looked at Jon and we started laughing {slightly hysterically} because we were not prepared for this baby at all! We didn't even have a hospital bag packed, let alone diapers and wipes... nothing but our nursery furniture and bedding. 
They gave me a catheter to test my urine {so fun}, I couldn't really tell you what they were testing it for...
then I was given an iv and a shot of terbulatine {ouch} to relax the uterus and slow the contractions. 
It worked somewhat, but not enough to send me home so another bag of iv fluid, another shot of terbulatine and 4 hours later the contractions had slowed to every thirty minutes or so. 
It was 5:30 in the morning and they were ready to let us go home.
 They scheduled an appointment with my doctor the following Monday and told me I was to be on strict bed rest until then. We asked if I could even go to church and they said no. We were way sad about this because we were planning to go to Logan for the blessing of the Gordon's baby,
I'm sure it was beautiful. 
They also have me taking terbulatine every 6 hours to slow the contractions. 
We got home and headed straight to bed. Poor Jon slept for about 3 hours then had to go to campus to take a physics test :\  He was obviously really worried about it, but he did great and got an 85% :)
So Monday comes and I was so hopeful they would take me off bed rest, even though that is totally unrealistic! Dr Jackson checked me and I was still dilated to a 3 and was now 80% effaced. 
No getting out of bed for this girl for two more weeks. She said she wanted to see me get to 37 weeks before delivering this baby, because he still has some growing to do and some serious weight to gain. 

Today is day 9 out of 17. I'm more than half way through! 
I've been watching quite a bit of Netflix and Hulu, and the days actually go by pretty quick. 
The hardest part of it all has been not being able to go to work. I was planning on working up until week 38 or 39, but my body obviously had different things in mind. It wasn't the best timing because most of the employees are vacationing this month. Luckily the ones who are in town have been so willing to help..I just feel so bad for abandoning them without any warning.
Yesterday my sister and mom gave a wonderful baby shower with my friends and mom's side of the fam. 
It was supposed to be at Britt's in Park city, but they were so nice and brought it to my house. 
Even though it was WAY more work for them to throw it here, they didn't even complain once. 
Thank you so much Mom and Britt! It was so fun and all the little details were super cute.
Also thank you to those who came! Everyone was so nice and way too generous. 
This little feller is definitely surrounded by a lot of love from family and friends, we are so blessed. 
So for the next 8 days I'll just be laying here, eating as much as possible to help the babe put on some pounds. Hopefully it is working because I can just hear my bod telling me how FUN it is going to be to lose the weight I'm putting on :) It's all for the baby... he needs all the donuts and cookies he can get!
I meet with Dr Jackson again tomorrow, so stay tuned for any updates!