Jun 29, 2012

For Granted

Tonight I got to spend time with my sis who is moving to Missouri next week.
We had a good time at dinner and just sitting and talking. 
I'm realizing that we've taken for granted the time we could've spent together 
{in between our full time lives, haha} and I'm so sad about it!
Heidi, good luck in Kirksville!
 Let's hope I'll be able to get out there sometime before Ty is done with med school ;)

Jun 21, 2012

I'm hungry and I know it

What time is it? 5:30 am.
Why have I been awake for the past hour? I have no idea!
Am I super annoyed about it? You. Know. It.

The past few nights {more like weeks} I haven't been able to sleep very well. I'm kind of {really} irritated about it because I seriously cherish my sleep! Like the other night...I was exhausted and ready for bed by ten, which rarely happens, so I tried going to sleep and it took at least an hour to get my mind clear enough to doze off. And then there's today. For no reason at all I shot awake at 4:20 and haven't been able to fall back asleep. I thought maybe I had a text or missed call? Nothing. I needed to go to the bathroom...That didn't solve the problem. Then my mind starts racing about work and the employees and scheduling and "is Jon ok" and "I'm kinda hungry" and "this is so annoying"...
So after over an hour of trying I decided it was pointless since my Feller will be calling in an hour to say good morning {yay!}
He's doing well, by the way. Just missing me a ton ;)
I told myself I wasn't going to sleep in past 8:00 very much this summer because I don't want to be lazy and waste my mornings away. But it isn't really paying off..what a bummer.

What helps you get your mind clear enough to get some goooood shut eye?

ps. 12 days until I'm reunited with my better looking half for a week. can't wait. 

Jun 12, 2012

I'm Alive!

Hey guys! So sorry for neglecting you...It wasn't really on purpose.
I'd like to blame it on Verizon for screwing up our internet order 4 times in the 3 weeks I was out in Texas.
It's a long story. 
So yeah, I'm back in Utah! And so much has happened, it's slightly overwhelming. 
Ready for a list of happenings in the past month & a half? Here we go...
 -Celebrated our anniversary at Anniversary Inn.
 We stayed in the room "Juliet's Balcony." It was really beautiful and we loved relaxing together!

-I spent some time with my favorite Gordon fam at Baby Animal Days in Logan. 
 I'm missing these girls and can't wait to see them again!

-Spent a fun day at a cute wedding in between packing.
 I guess I forgot to get a pic with the bride and groom...

-Said goodbye to our first apartment together :( 
Thanks to my dad and brothers, we were out of there really quick!

-Said see ya to our friends at Happy Sumo.
It was a fantastic way to spend our anniversary!

-Off to Texas we went! 21 hours straight + an over packed car = awesome...
 Hello, Texas! 

-Jon got ATTACKED by a dog on his first day knocking doors.
Poor dude. You should ask him to show his scars on his cute bum.
{Let me know if you'd like to hear the story}

-I worked in their office for 3 1/2 weeks.
-Lots of paperwork.
-Lots of pooltime. 
-Lots of bugs. One blended in with our couch, creepy!
-I watched my Feller get tanner and tanner each day. 
-Our upstairs neighbors were up all night and walked really loud.
-Spent too much money on gas. It was a bit ridiculous. Long story. 
-Got lost multiple times on my way home from work. 
-Dealt with greasy hair and face due to the humidity. 
-Poor poor poor. We all need to experience this, right?
-Went to dinner with my long lost friend, Reggi! We went to her hotel that SHE DESIGNED.
 Look at this, it's amazing. The pics don't do it justice, though. 
-Made some great friends.
-Went to six movies...it kinda became a hobby. 

-I left my Feller last Sunday and headed to California :(
 3 weeks left! I don't think I'm gonna make it. 

-Trained in California for a week to manage Yogurtland!
Admit it: I look ridiculously good in my uniform, right? 

-Flew back to Utah on Saturday and I am now living with my favorite Holt's! 
I'm so excited to spend time with them and get ready for Holt baby#2 to arrive in August!
Love my Ave. 

I've been busy busy since getting back, and it's only going to get crazier!
If you're in the Bounty-land area anytime soonish, we're opening doors so soon!
We're hoping for Friday or Saturday. Cross your fingers. 

Hopefully I don't neglect this poor thing any longer!
Now it's time to skype with my cute hubby.