Feb 3, 2013

I'm a Dreamer!

All of the "pregnancy boards" will tell you that crazy dreams are really common during pregnancy.
I can most definitely testify to that!
The craziest so far?
When I gave birth to a... dog.
The more I think about this dream, the funnier it is to me.

In the dream I didn't get much farther in the pregnancy than I am now, and the dog came out a beautiful german shepherd boy that was almost full grown.
Uh... How did he fit in there?
I remember being shocked and happy, and a bit disappointed that he had pointy ears instead of floppy ones.
He would pee around the house a lot, but this was okay since he was a newborn. And the diapers we had purchased didn't fit at all.
We took a lot of pictures, and as I shared them online people were confused and not so loving of this new babe of mine. They were convinced that I was never pregnant and that we had bought this dog to make everyone think the pregnancy was for reals.
Poor puppy I mean baby. Hopefully you at least have floppy ears. ;)

When I woke up and told Jon about it he said he probably would not love that dog very much {he isn't the biggest dog lover, like me}. I quickly added that he helped make that puppy and he would have no choice but to love him.

The end.

What the heck? I love dogs, but I'm 100% sure that I wouldn't want to give birth to one... ever!
The dog did have the name that we will most likely use if this sweet potato {the size this week} is indeed a boy. So maybe that's what my dreams are telling me.

What about you, any crazy dog bearing dreams you've experienced?