Sep 17, 2012


Last night a total stranger made me feel pretty lousy about myself while asking me questions about my life.
Seriously within 15 minutes of meeting this person, I wanted to cry
Sometimes people ask me questions that I'm sure they don't mean to come off as insensitive...
but I think there's a time when you just need to stop asking. If that makes any sense at all. 
So I'm here today to answer some things that some of you may be wondering...just so we're clear. 
I may come off as a bit intense, but that's just because I'm tired of feeling judged. 
So hopefully this makes me feel better. We'll see.

Why did you move from Logan to Bountiful? 
Both of our sets of parents are here in Bountiful/Salt Lake so we were driving down here almost every single week. We literally never had time to relax on the weekends, as most of them were spent in the car. Also, Jon has always wanted to go to the UofU. He really just came up to USU because that's where I was at the time he returned from his mish. Now that we're here, my feller can truly bleed red. 

Have you graduated?
Nope, not with my Bachelor's degree at least. I do have my Associate's degree plus many credits beyond that, but wouldn't have my Bachelor's for about 2 more year- thanks to not being able to make up my mind in the beginning about what I wanted to do.

So why did you stop going to school? 
{this one is awkward to answer, especially when I have to really explain myself}
When I started college I didn't qualify for any grants or good loans, so I worked all summer to pretty much pay for housing and living expenses and the rest of my schooling was paid for with unsubsidized loans. If you don't know what those are, you're lucky. Basically they started accruing interest from day one, so today I have about $4,000 in debt JUST in credit. With that on top of the loans itself, I feel like I'm drowning. 
So we would really like to get that paid off asap, and I can't really work full time and pay for life and such if I'm going to school. 
Also, Jon and I had very strong feelings that I should stop going to school so we could start a family. 
If you'd like to know more about that you can ask me. 

When will you back to school?
Haha. Probably not for a while. Like I said, debt doesn't just go away. 
I would definitely like to be a teacher in the future but can't see myself doing that before having children.
I'd really like to go back when I'm older and the kids are in school. 

Isn't it just so hard to find a good job?
{this is usually asked while I'm at work and someone sees me}
Well I actually have a good job that pays pretty well, I feel so lucky to have this job. Yes it's too bad I look super great in my uniform { :) } but I'm paying the bills and am so grateful I am able to do so. 

Why don't you have any kids yet? 
I keep wondering the same thing.

Why would Jon go into dentistry, his family surely doesn't need another one?
Working on people's teeth kind of comes naturally to Jon, maybe this is because he has worked with his dad and brother for so long. It is a fantastic job that will support our family down the road. Hopefully no one thinks we are choosing the easy road, because it is an extremely expensive one to get down.
If you'd like to talk about your thoughts on how dentists are selfish, I'll let you talk to Jon :) 
This summer really gave Jon a new perspective on being a salesman. We at least know that he does NOT want to do that forever {besides selling your skills, of course}
We are hoping that a few years after dental school  we will be in a place {financially speaking} where Jon can get an education in music/sound engineering. He has always dreamed of doing this, so it will happen. We're just trying to choose the best order in which to do things.

 Why would you dye your hair black? 
{this is usually asked by little kids. Good thing they're cute ;)}
Well it was an accident, I was definitely going for dark brown. 
Now that it has been a couple days it has actually kind of grown on me! 

So today I'm feeling extremely grateful for a supportive husband and family and friends that are so understanding. Without these people I might just be hiding from the world. 
Here's to gaining some confidence and knowing just what to say.