Jul 26, 2011

Question for You.

I have a problem. 
A little something called Shedding. 
I hate how much hair I shed everyday!
It seriously feels like I shed more than my parents chihuahuas.
Anybody know a way to make it stop? 

Jul 23, 2011

Young love

So crazy to think this was almost 4 years ago.
And a year and a half into our relationship.
So lucky to have found my sweetheart so early in life.
And that our parents let us be together!
So wonderful to think we'll be together forever.
And ever and ever.
Love my Feller, always have. 
Always will.

Jul 22, 2011


I got off work at ten tonight, just like every other Friday night. I got home, went to the bathroom {tmi?}, got a drink, turned on the air, washed my face, put on the pj's, climbed into my empty bed, all by myself, for the first of two nights. Umm...this is weird! I won't see my Feller for 2 days {he's at a family reunion. The Maxx wouldn't allow me to go}. I feel like a little lost puppy. I can't really think of a day that I didn't see him from the time he got home from the land down unda' in December. Some people have told me it's gonna be awesome to have my own bed, a quiet house, no one to worry about. We will see how it goes, but I'm pretty sure it won't be all fun and games not having the love of my life with me almost 24/7, to tickle my back til I fall asleep, to help me get out of bed because I am the worst morning person ever {Britt, can you concur?}, to help me decide what to wear {even though I end up with a completely different outfit than the contenders}, to tell me how much he loves me and make me feel like a million bucks. I told Jon when he got home from the mish that he better NEVER leave me again, I just can't handle it.
Oh boy, I'm a wreck!
Just playin' ;) I'll be fine! But to be completely honest...I had to check all the closets and under the bed before getting too comfortable. Our house is freaky when you're all alone! If I don't blog within the next.....month, something happened to me and I need you to help me out. Thanks :)
So you know my last post about going to Bear lake with Jon's fam? Well I forgot to mention a moment that we will never forget. {Prepare to be shocked.} There were 10 or so of us playing ultimate football in the shallow part of the lake at North Beach. We were having a grand ol' time and I was dying of exhaustion from running in the water. {Have YOU tried it? good workout.} Anyway, we had been playing for about 2 hours then decided to wrap it up. Our team was 2 points away from winning. Someone that wasn't me threw the ball to me and I passed it to Jon. Holla! One point to go! My cute husband comes to me to "pound it" with his ringless left hand. We pounded and laughed, then I said "where's your ring?" He got all freaked out. I thought he was joking. You guys...he wasn't joking! {so- are you shocked?} I said "well...we're one point away if everyone wants to just finish the game" trying to not make it a huge deal that we had only been married two months and we already lost his ring. Everyone was so sweet, we got in a big line, got on our hands and knees and searched for 30 minutes or so. No ring. I feel so bad I didn't remind him to take off his ring :( Good thing is, it's only a thing. We can't lose each other and a ring just isn't something that would come between us. Yes, it was a large sum of money that would take close-to a month's worth of my savings to buy again, but is that a huge deal? Hey, it could've been worse! Can you imagine if I lost MY ring?? Oh that shall never happen!
 The riiiiiiing
Anyway. We're in search of affordable nice rings so send your tips this way! Sank-yooou!
We are having a Harry Potter marathon with Dave and Mindi {and whoever else joins us each night}. It has been so fun! We've watched the first three this week, will hopefully see the next 3 this coming week and soon- HP7.5. My childhood actually won't be ending like everybody on facebook's has, but I can pretend :)
Elder Bradon Burningham got home from serving a full time mission in Florida yesterday! It was so fun and weird to see him. It was probably even more weird for him to see Fell and I, married. {Sorry you missed the wedding, buddy!} Wow, Tycen...stay strong sir, you've only got til October {I think}. Then all the boys will be reunited :) cute.
Can't wait for next weekend! I will finally have some days off and Jon & I get to go boating, possibly camping, to a wedding and farewell, and we get to see family! I feel like whenever we make it out of Logan we are like little chickens with our heads cut off trying to squeeze everything into 2 or 3 days. And it is just impossible. So we have some plans made for Friday-Sunday, and hopefully will get to go camping {just us!} Monday-Tuesday {or Weds if I don't end up covering a shift}.
I love being married to Jonny Boy. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. Sometimes I just stand there and smile as I think about the fact that we made it, through all the small doubts or non-support or worries, we made it. And I am so grateful.
My apologies for the long post.

Jul 12, 2011

L 8 lee

This fourth of July honestly just came and went. Which is sad because it is one of my favorites! Free eye candy {fireworks} all over the country. BBQs, family time, boating {usually}, and the fact that weather is usually decent around this time...I love this time of year!
Every time the Feller and I make it down to Salt lake, our weekends are JAM PACKED. Seriously. There seems to be something planned every hour. We don't even get to see most of our lovelies down there. We miss you guys! Plan something and let us know so we can come and see you!
On Saturday we went boating for an hour and a half {no joke} with my dad, Dee dee, Paul and Houst. Heidi and Ty got there as we were leaving, so we only got to see them in passing. Lame! We then headed to Bounty-land to shower and get ready forrrrrr the Stadium of Fire with Jono's family. We first went to dinner in Provo at the Brick Oven. We got there at 5:15 and were seated at 7:15. Just a little bit ridiculous in my opinion. Dinner was delicious and probably contributed to some weight gain {boooo}. The Stadium of Fire was fantastic! We saw Archie {David Archuleta} and Brad Paisley {amazing!}. The fireworks were the bomb. Have they always been in-synch {haha NSYNC} with the music and I just never noticed that one time I went a couple years ago? Awesome.

You can't tell too much in this pic, but we were quite fried from our 90 minutes in the sun. Holla!
On Sunday we went to a homecoming {welcome home Tyler!}, church, visited with Aub and Seth who are leaving me and moving to Arizona SO soon {sad/happy for them}, went to the Feller's for a BBQ, played games, then went to bed at 11 {because someone named Jon has a grouchy wife when she's tired. good luck with kids, Ash!}. Seriously, I feel like an old woman. I'm lookin at the clock right now, it's 11:04.
 I better wrap this up.
On Monday we woke up early for a 4th of July breakfast with Jon's home ward. He was a stud and got up at 5:30 to help his papa set it up. When I walked him to the door I said "I'm not going!" See. Groooouuuchy. 2 1/2 hours later I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed {not} and went with his mom and sis. It was delicious and Feller Sr. gave a great little speech and we sang a couple songs to the raised flag.
Guess what we did after? Took a two hour nap. Something has GOTTA be wrong! thyroid, maybe?
Later we went to another BBQ and swimming at grandpa Fellers with some cousins and Jon's parents and sis Jess. It was lots of fun. We stayed for about an hour then rushed home to get ready for dinner/Cars2!
Dinner and Cars2 were great. We then rushed {as always} to Farmington to meet up with Karin and Ben for the fireworks at Davis High. They were awesome! We had lots of fun with those 2, and we even got a glimpse of Jame and Jord at one of the stands! {Those funnel cakes were phenomenal you guys. PS I can't wait for your wedding!} We then rushed {jk} back up to Logan for work the next morn.
Ok this post is LONG! But here's a long-story-short.
We worked for 2 days then headed up to Bear Lake for the Feller Family Reunion. We all stayed in the awesome cabin {did I take pictures? no. I'm lame.}. We boated basically everyday, went to the beach 3 times, were hit by a massive sand storm and had crying babies one of those times {I felt like I was in the Mummy or something}, ate tons of food, played loads of games, got super sun burnt, went to the Pickleville Playhouse and saw Joseph...you gotta go! Had some questionably famous raspberry shakes, and so on. It was so great to finally have 5 days in a row with no work, just fun-sun-and fam.
Thank you, Feller's!
We got home on Sunday, still need to finish unpacking and go grocery shopping! But before we do so, if you guys are seriously reading this far you are CHAMPS in my eyes! I'm looking for a healthy little diet to go on. No, nothing drastic. It's just a little hard to eat healthy and cheap when you are constantly on the go and are only home one night a week to actually cook for the hubby. So... sadly fast food is all we've got sometimes. Any suggestions? I mean EASY meals, fruit diets, cereal diets {haha}, anything! We've gotta get away from these dollar menus!What have you newlyweds done to keep your figure, cause mine is a-fading!
Ok. 11:20. Past my bedtime.