Aug 13, 2012

My Feller

I have seen Jon more in the past two weeks than I have all summer long. 
He made a quick trip out this way just to say hi for a weekend,
and a week later I flew out there for a quick trip to say bye to Texas.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we went to a trampoline house for an hour. 
if you're interested in going, it's called Airborne. it's in Draper. and it's lots of fun. 
{and you might feel too old to be there but go ahead and ignore those thoughts.}
you can practice your kewl trix
and you'll even get to be a hot sweaty mess afterwards

It was so good to just spend a weekend with him. 

Thanks to my mom I was able to fly out to Dallas for free
She even figured out all the flights for me and made sure I got there without too much delay.  
Thanks mom!
I got out there Tuesday and stayed until Saturday. 
It was so much fun and I loved having a quick break from work!
We... - saw People Like Us in the dollar theaters, which we both loved.
- slept in much later than acceptable each day.
- chilled at the pool.
- saw Bourne Legacy, which we both hated.
- spent time with some of the great friends we have made while working out there.
- WENT TO RELIENT K at the House of Blues.
- only splurged on one meal, it was Olive Garden {we like to eat out too much so we're cutting back}
- spent all but 7 hours together.
during which he was working. and I was getting a sunburn at the poolio.

 Pretty sure we wouldn't have worked out in h.s. if I didn't approve of this band..
good thing I LOVE them!
 We went with our friends, Ben and Kyle. 
I've known Ben longer than I've know Jon {12 years!} 
and Jon has become good friends with Kyle over the summer.
And to the right is the one and only, Matt Thiessen
Admit it, you agree that his hair is beautiful. Let's convince fell to grow his out again!

During the concert I saw one of the guitarists throw his pick into our section and it totally hit a girl in the face!
Don't worry, she didn't even notice.
After the concert I looked on the ground where she was standing and there it was!
I've never {jk} seen Jon so happy.

We love Texas and could totally see ourselves there in the distant future,
the only thing is it's quite a long drive to and from Utah {family roots}
Some things I will miss about the great state of TX:
- the heat! it's so much better than the dry Utah heat.
- the kind people.
- I felt very safe there. weird?
- affordable living, and it is FAR from ghetto. 
- sodapalooza. .49 cent drinks at the gas station, my kinda heaven.
- having a pool in your back yard. whether or not you share it with 117+ other people, it's great.
I'm curious to see how attached we are to each other when he gets home {in 4 days}
If I learned anything from this Summer, it is that I am so grateful for the relationship I have with my feller. 
we indeed make each other better
and I never realized how true that was until we were separated for many weeks at a time. 

 I guess there is another thing I learned : We are HORRIBLE at talking on the phone.

Aug 3, 2012

Lately {in Pictures}

So when I'm not at this place: 

I find some time to enjoy myself during this scorching summer. 
You will notice I am with a little princess the majority of the time. 
 Or missing my cute feller
But mostly with the princess.

He has visited twice, and boy were those two times glorious!

The other day, Val took me on a hike. We live in a beautiful place!
And when I am at the place pictured above, this usually happens:
No more dishes for me.

Even though I am living with my sis/bff/other mom and family, I barely see them.
But I am so grateful they offered me a home for the summer
so I can focus on work and getting prepared to live down here while Jon goes to the U!
And I cannot WAIT for the Holt babe#2 to arrive soon.
The princess needs her prince!
Jon and I are so excited to start this chapter in Salt Lake,
 if only the next two weeks would go quick so I could have my husband back. 
K thanks.

Ps. Who thinks it's time for some new shoes?