Jan 31, 2011

My blog is being odd

For some reason I'm unable to view my blog....
So I apologize for the delay of updates, I'll figure something out.

Jan 28, 2011

So...I Sew.

``Wow this week flew by. Thank heavens!
Confession: I miss working a lot. Not necessarily full time, because that kind of got overwhelming. But now that I don't have a full time position, I am getting minimal, and I mean MINIMAL, hours. The first few months of the new year are always the slowest for the company, so payroll is really low and we all suffer. It's no fun.
Yeah sure, it's awesome just feeling like a student and having time to be somewhat of a normal person... But when Friday's roll around, it's painful. I literally have to save every penny. And I sort of miss the weekly routine. Now I just have a new class routine. MWF's are long days. T&TH's aren't too bad. Nevertheless, school is going well.

Anybody have some extra pennies?
Jon and I decided that we wanted to DATE each other, and not just "hang out" all the time. We thought it would be fun to try a new restaurant every once in a while, rather than the same 2 or 3 that we love. Have we done this yet? No. Okay, once. He took me to Tandori Oven for some Indian food. I have always had this idea that I hate Indian food. If you are like me and just decide to be picky...STOP IT. Right now. It's time to grow up people! Jk. But really, stop.


Anyway, we have been spoiled by some of our family members on occasion. Nick and Britt took us to Texas Roadhouse (one of our loves) on New Years, and Burt treated us to the Olive Garden (totally a favorite) last Friday. Not to mention all the times I get to eat her delicacies at home! Thanks guys.
He dominated me at bowling. I'm pretty sure it's because he went when he was on his mission, or because he is stronger than me, or maybe he's just good..?
My sewing class is quite intense. Okay, it probably isn't, but it totally stresses me out. I sew something, don't like it, redo it, don't like it, redo it...this happens 3-7 times until I am content. Practice makes perfect, right? I'm really excited to become a pro (haha) so I can whip out my sewing machine I got for Christmas (thanks Dad and Dee Dee!) and make things. Lots of things :). As for the time I have to learn and practice, does anybody have some cool sewing-craft ideas that a rooky could do?

Sorry this post is turning into a novel.
On Tuesday, Margo (Jon's mom) came up to do some things. She took the group of us Loganites to dinner at Beehive grill (one of MY loves). Once again, treeeated. If you haven't been, go. I recommend the Caprice Italian Burger, it's divine.

Jan 20, 2011


12:30(ish) am. Hannah: "Oh my! There are fish everywhere!" or something like that.
2 bathroom sinks and a tub FULL of goldfish. Wow, that's pretty nast if you ask me. 
Watching Jon scoop them all into a bowl broke my heart, as some of them got sucked down the shower drain.

"Do we flush them?" uh...no! That just seemed so inhumane.
A few handfuls of minutes later, I find a light bulb in the refrigerator...?
and Hannah's clothing in my closet.
Whoever prank'd us...good job (I guess). Next time I'd just stick with the fishies if I were you.
The roomies and I are starting to feel like maybe people have some ill feelings toward us. Let us recall last year, the roundhouse days. We were leafed. Hardcore leafed.

After using our window as a door for over a month, it was time to clean it up. 45 bags later we could act civilized again. 
Ok ok, maybe we are just easy to prank. We're never home.

Next subject.
I absolutely love institute. We have been talking about living by principle rather than circumstance. It has made me realize how blessed I am. Even when bad things come up, someone up there has been watching out for me. I have learned and can testify that if we rely on Heavenly Father with anything, pain, trial, or weakness, and not freak out and be irrational because of our circumstance..He will take care of us. We can only see the present and a glimpse of the past. He can see it all, past present future. He has a plan for us and if we live righteously and follow His promptings, acknowledging Him in all things, He will guide us the right way. 
I could not live in this world without Him.
If life just seems to get harder and harder, you must be doing something right! Satan wants to harm us all the time, he doesn't want to see us succeed. Don't give into his temptations, keep up the fight!
Anyway, institute is awesome. I wish I could take more than one class.
Some things I have discovered as of late:
Snowboarding gives you whiplash. Unless you are good. Okay, so snowboarding gives ME whiplash. 
I'm not good at sewing. Shoot. confidence.confidence.confidence.
I wish I didn't say some things that I did in the past. Oh well. 
Chemistry blows my MIND! I don't think I'll ever understand it.
Some people post funny & slightly personal things on youtube. 
I am not a youngen anymore..One of my youngest siblings, Paul, turned 16 last week. Where did my baby brother go? I can't wait for him to go to dances with some girlies!
Logan is a small town. Which means awkward situations or run-ins are bound to happen, or have begun happening. Oh joy. 
Puberty is crazy...amazing. (I'm in an adolescence class.)
I miss my family more this year than ever. Today is Stacie's birthday and she lives in Virginia.
I wish we could have a family dinner for you Stacie, 
Happy Birthday! 
You find out who your true friends are really fast, and it can be saddening.
I like being happy.
Well folks, I hope you are doing well. Never forget how beautiful life really is and it's never to late to change :)

ps. I had to say goodbye to the goldfish on Sunday. Only 10 out of the 75 (Val counted) were alive. Sad sad day. 

Jan 13, 2011


Never felt this way in my whole life
Never had this feeling before tonight
Can't get you off my mind
Cause you Shine boy oh you know you Shine

Anybody you know Shines, or makes you Shine?

Jan 12, 2011

That's a Wrap

So it looks like my "30 day challenge" turned into a bit more days than that, but I'm happy to say I'll be wrapping it up today :) it has been pretty fun, and great to have something simple to post about! First things first...
School has begun. Again.
This semester started off with some stressors. Last semester I was able to work full time because I was just taking 12 credits and was able to get all the hours in and still stay (almost) sane. 
Wellll I decided this semester I would take more credits, you know...be a legit college student and all. Turns out 2 of my required classes are FULL. I have been on the waiting lists for them for a while and talked to the professors who won't budge. "Sign up for it next Spring," they say. SO that will put me a year behind, which will make that 2 years of my total delay, since it took me a while to find the perfect major. 
I want to see if I can take them online, anyone know of good online schools, or school's that offer classes online? 
I'm trying not to let this get to me, it's just a bit frustrating.
Good thing is, Jon is here! Yay :) It has been so awesome having him here in frigid Logan. He's sick, I feel way bad. You need to hear his Australian accent, it's pretty cute.
I can't really explain how it feels to walk with him on campus...I've just been imagining it for 2 1/2 years. And now it is reality. He's my best friend and I just love him!

My favorite class this semester will definitely be Clothing Productions. My roomie Val and cousin Channy are in there too. We will be making PANTS and a blouse. And learning how to be a pro-sewer. Can't wait!
Can you guess how cold it is in Logan at the moment? 
1 degree. Wow. 4 minutes in that and you feel like your ears are going to fall off. Dare ya to try it.
My mom came to town last week for a quick visit. We went to dinner at Cafe Sabor, which you should try if you haven't already. 
Oh and I was babysitting Miss Ave a while ago. The second I turn my back to make some easy-mac, I hear a large kaboom. I turn around and guess what I see? My cute niece laying on the floor about to scream. She fell off the couch and hit her face on the base board. I hoped the red marks and scratches wouldn't become any worse...don't worry, they totally did. The best (and only good) part about it? Ave let me cradle her for about 30 minutes until she wasn't so shaken anymore. That's 29 minutes and 49 seconds longer than normal!
Poor baby girl! Hopefully she doesn't hold that against me, I MUST be her favorite!   

ALRIGHT, let us finish this thang. 

Day 29: 
a picture that always makes you smile...
Kung pow? 

Day 30: who are you?
Well I'm still figuring some things out about myself, but here's what I can come up with so far...
I am a girl/woman. I am gaining confidence. I am weak. I am strong. I am a daughter of God. I am a daughter of 3 wonderful parents. I am a sister, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter. I am gullible. I am hopeful. I am sensitive. I love being in love. I am a full-blown Maxxinista. I try to be a helper. I am continually learning and growing. I am a [wanna-be] runner. I am a friend. I am caring. I am forgiving. I get hurt, and I'm sure I hurt others sometimes. I am a worrier. I love life and the struggles that come with it (after the fact, of course). I am a brownie-pro.
 I am Ash.

Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Is it seriously 2011? WHOA
Time has totally flown by, I can't believe it has almost been 3 years since graduation. I can't believe I'm a junior in COLLEGE. I can't believe you-know-who is home from his mission. I can't believe we are more than a decade into the 21st century. Let's just say...
My mind is boggled.
The past couple of weeks have been awesome.Full of family, friends, food, and Feller. ;) 
Heidi and Ty were in town for the week, it was so good to see them! On Thursday we went sledding on the golf course. It was freezing, but so dang fun!
Houster Man made a jump. You can't quite see it but that's him flying, losing control of his sled. 
That night was my friend Hayley's wedding reception. She looked beautiful, I wish I would have gotten a picture with her! 
Some of us at the reception
 Good friends Emily and Jon.
New Years Eve was pretty great. Jon came up that night and we went to dinner with Britt, Nick, Ave, and some of their friends. Thanks you guys! Then we went and made brownies at their house (it'll probably become a weekly thing) then headed to his sisters to relax and watch a movie. It was so good to have him home for New Year's, finally!
This year is going to be so different, I'm excited! Come what may...and love it.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Day 28

a picture of you from a year ago, and one from now. 
how have you changed?

Well I feel semi-weird putting pictures of just myself up here... but there ya go! :)
How have I changed? Look wise-I haven't. at least I don't think so. Maybe I look older? No...I'm the same. Surprise!.. my hair has stayed brown for over a year, that's a record! 
Okay, how have I changed...I feel like I have changed a bit. 
I feel like I have truly become Ash. 
I (think) I know who I am and what I want out of life
My testimony of the church has solidified, nothing can shake me.
I finally found my major! 
I have become more independent. 
I know what makes me happiest. 
I have discovered that I can actually juggle quite a bit at one time (feeling overwhelmed at times, of course).
I have learned that it is okay and so important to be happy, no matter how difficult life may get.
I think I've changed in good ways. 
If you think otherwise, please tell me!