Feb 15, 2012

Valentines Evening in Pictures

We joined the Gordon Fam 
for their annual Valentines Dinner & Dance. 
More on the Day of Love lata.
Time to travel south and get ready for some beach!
Seeyaloveya Bye!

Feb 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day
to the cutest and funniest guy I know. 
I love you, 

Feb 13, 2012

I Have Nothing

Everyone has been talking about the death of the ultimate diva,
Whitney Houston. 
So this morning I'm "honoring" her by listening to some of her greatest hits.
She really is amazing!
I dedicate this song to my hubby.
I have nothing without you.

I also reallly love her hairbow and the dancing in this video. 
You go, girl.

Feb 12, 2012

take me to the sun!

Well, this week has finally come.
On Thursday we're headed to Cancun with the Feller Family!
Jon's parents give their children an adult vacation
each year for Christmas.{we are adults, ya know!}
Basically...we're really excited.
And fearful these next three days will feel really long.
Also...my skin hasn't seen the sun in months.
So Cancunians, prepare to be blinded!
(not so sure Cancunians is even a word. oh well)
This new year has been quite good so far.
We've been lucky enough to see our good
friends at least twice in the past month, which sadly... is rare!
Thank you, Karin and Emily for being prego.
(baby showers are what have brought us togetha.)
I was good and brought my camera to Karin's baby shower,
but not Em's.

You may be wondering why MEN were at the baby shower??
Well, these were taken after all the baby stuff went down,
and the boys were just down the stairs watching a movie,
so they joined us for dessert.
Also pictured above is a few of us at Mike's mission homecoming!
I met Mike and the rest of these wonderful people
(missing Josh in the pic) my freshman year
here at Utah State, and they are some of my best friends.
I'm so grateful we all lived in the
same dorm, or I would've probably left USU and never looked back
3 years ago!
Val has been my roomie up until marriage, and we're still going strong!
{friendship wise. :)} she is so great.
All of us have been able to get together a few times since Mike has gotten home, since we're all here in Logan.  Love you guys!
Last night Jon and I went to dinner to celebrate Valentine's a little early.

 Here we are standing in front of 1 of the 3 little decorations I put together for love month.
Yeah...they're not that great, so I think I'll spare pics of the others ;)

We went to Firehouse pizza, pretty much just for the Fh'zookies
{or however you spell it...}
It was packed! But somehow we were seated and fed pretty quickly.
I wish I would've taken some pictures, but I thought I would feel silly
amongst all the other pizza eaters...
Maybe next time.
I made a goal to take more pictures. Would you agree that I'm failing so far?

I am looking forward to this next week, it will be so awesome to get away for a little bit!
Cross your fingers that Jon won't fall too far behind in his classes...we'll see if he actually does
some homework while we're laying on the beach ;)

Feb 8, 2012


Sooo my last post may or may not have been a bit dramatic.
Sorry y'all!
I really do love my job and allllll the peeps I work with.
Pretty sure I was fed up with some customers, and being dramatic.
I'm gonna miss all my maxxinista friends come May.
I guess I haven't officially announced this over the www, but Jon and I are moving!
In May we'll be heading to good ole Texas for the summer. Hopefully succeeding as salesman and office lady.
Then in August we'll be setting up tent in Salt Lake Citayyy!
We're really excited to be closer to a lot of our family, and Jon will be going to the U.
So there ya have it. Updated on the web.
Work went well today, thanks for wondering.

Feb 7, 2012

I love my job...

Because I get to give customer service to some who may not be quite deserving.
Because I get to ask EVERY customer EVERY time
if they'd like to apply for a credit card.
Because I get to recite ALL the great benefits to EVERY
customer regardless of how many times they've heard them, or have said no,
or cut me off in the middle...you just continue on.
Because peeps like to put clearance tags on items that they CLEARLY don't belong to.
No you may not have this sixty dollar purse for fifteen.
Because I get told to shut up in the middle of reciting the benefits previously mentioned.
Because I have the pleasure of seeing people from the college days who I'm not too fond of,
and vise versa.
Logan is a small town.
Everyone knows everyone.
(there are some that I truly DO love seeing. Hopefully they feel the same way...?)
Because some of us get called stupid by certain glorious customers.
Because I get to work on holidays every year,
no matter how many years I've worked there.
Because I'm not getting paid much more than some newbies,
no matter how many years I've worked there.
Because there's a little bit of drama each day to spice things up.
I guess it just comes naturally in a store full of women.

I love my job, I love my job, I LOVE MY JOB!

But in all reality, I really do. I'm really blessed to have a job.  
Especially in a college town where NOBODY can find a job.

Maxxinista fo' life. Well, hopefully not...