Feb 23, 2011

a MOLDY situation

We had cleaning checks today. Apparently GIRLS like to get ready in very steamy places, thus creating all the mold in our windows and ceilings and cupboards. 
That is false. The male apartments were just as moldy.
I wish I would have taken a picture of our bathroom...the ceiling was practically black. An hour of scrubbing later, it looks as good as new! Yay. 
Oh. We failed the cleaning check. Thank you M.O.L.D.Y windows :)
I wish I had some exciting things to blog about. But I don't.
I started a new job yesterday...that is pretty exciting. Say hello to the newest and most inexperienced receptionist to date! (did you say it? hello)
That's right, ladies and gentlemen. I am now employed at Logan Peak Dental Care. If you need a dentist that is really great and reasonably priced...come on in! My boss is awesome. The staff is awesome. Oh, did I mention I work with my future hubby? Yeah, how lucky am I? :). I'll barely see him, since he'll be working in the patients mouths while I'm working in their files/schedules/other-stuff-I-have-no-idea-how-to-do-yet. Two days down and I'm enjoying it so far. 
That is NOT something I would call a moldy situation.
I'm still working for the Maxx, I think I love it too much to let it go at the moment. If I could just bring my Maxxinistas with me to the other side of town to help me answer phones...then I'd quit!
If anyone knows where to find cute light strings for decoration purposes (at a reasonable price) please dare to share.
Well blog-stalkers. Bon voyage. I will miss you. Until next time.

Look what I found. Yes that is the boy I fell in love with. And his bff Benzo.

Feb 20, 2011

but who's counting?

In 75 days 21 hours and 14 minutes 
I will be Mrs. Ashley Feller. 
Oh that just sounds so official.
But I like it :)

Feb 15, 2011

here's a love story

Yesterday was the day of love. And it was the best day of love I've ever had. 
Thanks to My Feller :)
It began at 8:30 in the morning with a knock on the door I knew belonged to him.
French toast and one white balloon.
 I came home from class to a big green box by my front door...
Jon and I were planning on going on a much needed run. It seemed as good as a vacation.
Before we went he gave me a note saying "2, a run with just me and you"...and two more balloons.
Later on, that same knock...
Three more balloons and we were off to the area I lived in my Freshman year and we looked at the photo album I made for him of us almost 3 years ago. It was really cute. 
At the end of the album I found this...
We love talking in the car. So we went back, and he pulled out 4 more balloons from his trunk. 
We got in the car again. He asked me to get a cd out of the glove box, and to my surprise (as he's so proud of himself, haha) found this...
We were off to Beehive Grill, my favorite restaurant in Logania. We were met with 5 more balloons there. Besides the 30+ minute wait and the fact that our appetizer came AFTER our meal (I know, right?) and the waitress didn't come around enough to see that we needed water refills about 20 minutes before she noticed, it was really tasty. I still love that place, their burgers are divine.
Ok, so we were off to his house for a dance party with his Sis, Bro, and their cute girls.
It was so much fun. The girls gave the living room a heart attack, and there was even a disco ball. It was a party for sure! Then...
Isn't he the sweetest?
We went to the temple and sat on the benches across the street. He played me a song that he wrote while on his mission...and WOW, he is amazing. It was really touching. Then he said lots of special things (that I won't include here) and got on one knee, grabbed a little box out of his guitar case, and...you know what happened :). 
We're engaged! 
28 balloons later, I said yes- just in case any of you were wondering.
I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather spend the rest of eternity with. I love him. He is my Feller, my best friend, my high school sweetheart, my missionary, my returned missionary, my other half, my future, my Captain :)
I love you Jon!I can't wait to see what the future holds for us.



Feb 10, 2011

Are you cooky?

Today I made banana cookies. it was cooky. 
What an interesting experience... I felt nervous, under-prepared (though I prepped for quite a while!), had the nerve-sweats (have you had those??), awkward, yeah...  basically I downgraded to my junior high self.
All these feelings came just before I had to give a food demo in my orientation class {hence the cookies}. I had part of my measurements wrong, forgot to plug in the mixer BEFORE I began the presentation, my hands were shaky, and on top of that...I forgot a cookie sheet! 
It was kind of crazy because the fifteen or so gals that went before me on previous days seemed so confident, and then here I am...shakin' in my boots! 
I'm grateful for the practice though :) jr high and high school students can be a ruthless at times. If you need someone to do a little grub-demo for ya, let-me-help-you-help me!
Yep, I'm still excited to teach! Any tips on gaining confidence in the classroom? As most of you may know, I am most comfortable when I know you well. At first I can be pretty shy. 
NO MORE OF THAT, ASH. Time to be outgoing and crack jokes 24/7. (really though, I want to be funny!)

{there's my face, and a banana cookie with coconut icing}
Sooo... good news!I met with an academic counselor the day before today {yesterday}, and turns out my 4 year-turned 5 year-could've been 6 year-plan isn't so messed up after all! If you don't recall, I was having some problemos with my schedule, not being able to get in classes and such. Well she helped me out and looks like I'll be able to get out of here in 4 semesters! So two more years. Much better than the 3 I was dreading. 
Surrre I could have probably been a doctor for cryin' out loud in that time, but I'm really happy about it! Let's just cross our fingers and have hope I'll get to the end of this journey.
Well, back to the books. I'll be at the Maxx tonight if you'd like to hit me up or come make some cheap purchases! (final clearance time BABY).
Have a happy ALMOST weekend :) 

Feb 8, 2011

Makin' it Quick

Hey ya'll.
I'm studying for my Chem test that is at 12:30pm tomorrow. And I need a break. So HELLO blog world.
I just need to say this... I love Chemistry almost as much as I love walking to class in Logan's freezing weather. It truly GETS me. Love it. Hint: sarcasm? 
Okay okay, enough ranting.
Do you remember those semi/super awkward dances in junior high? Remember how all the boys were on one side, and all the girls were on the other? I got to experience a little taste of that last night...only with college age students. OH it was so funny! Our ward threw a little "jewelry date night." The sisters brought all of their jewelry to us, and then the guys picked a piece of jewelry they liked (or came across)...and the owner was their date for the night! I got to watch the magic from "backstage" with my studly boyfriend who was so kind to tag along and help with setting up and taking down. 
Needless to say, it was a night to remember :)
On Friday night my roommates, their boys and Jon & I went to a comedy show/pizza buffet at Firehouse. YUM? Oh yes. For just over ten dollars you get unlimited pizza and a funny show put on by the guys of Out of the Blue Entertainment. If you are in Cache Valley on a Friday night, I recommend this! Heck, I'll even go with ya ;)

School is school, life is getting exciting, my eyes and brain are tired, my SpringFever is kicking in, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching...I'm lovin' every minute of this semester.
Especially with this cute boy up here. Confession: I'm in love. Please...try to hold back the tears. I mean, who WOULDN'T be in love with this cute face?? But really, Jon is the best thing that has happened to me. What a blessing it was to find how compatible we were 4 years ago as precious little juniors in high school. I have never met anyone more generous, understanding, giving, caring, loving, complimentary, gentle, humble, reliant...and not only that. He honors his priesthood! Wow. Full package right there. 

Well enough of that. I'll end this post with a fun-fact-for-ya:
Did you know Alexander the Great first came across bananas in 327 BC? 
Crazy stuff right there...

Feb 3, 2011


Ian Eastwood- "Fireflies."
Quite steezy, right?

Feb 1, 2011


It's supposedly 12 degrees outside, but I'm pretty sure the weatherperson just forgot the negative sign or something. I think my jeans partially froze to my legs and the chill seeped into my two-layers of coats pretty darn fast.
Blast you, Logan! You make me want to cry.
That will be my complaint of the day. Moving on!
This weekend was nothing short of awesome. Jon and I went home last Wednesday to welcome home our "brothers" Ben and Jett. Oh how I have missed having 3 boyfriends all at once ;) I loved watching Jon with them...all the hugging and humongous smiles, aww it was so cute. 
There they are :)
Jamie, Jon and I headed down to the hometown late Friday night so we could spend time with the 2 RM's and our other awesome friends. We played Disney Scene-It, I need to be more competitive. Saturday morn we all made a breakfast feast together, then some of us went and did baptisms at the Bountiful Temple. I love the temple. 
THEN the gals (me, Emily, Jamie, Brooke and Karin) went to the Bridal Expo in Sandy.
Congrats to Brooke and Brady... they got engaged on Friday!
I had little Avery with me, and she was so well behaved, it was a joy to watch her.
THEN we paid a little visit to temple square. Jett brought cute Jill, and Ben brought cute Taylor (I believe that is her name). Despite the chilliness, it was a good time.

Sunday was such a good day. Jon and I went to visit my mom and Avery. She fed us Pumpkin pancakes and Ave let us play with her baby dolls. Jett's homecoming talk was at one, he did so great! It makes me so happy to hear how my best friends have grown over the two years they are gone. I love hearing their testimonies and challenging experiences that helped them grow. 
Later on I went with Jonny boy to his house to celebrate birthdays with his family. 
I'm so grateful the parents let me stay at the house when I come to town. I feel bad I pretty much only spend the short hours of the night there, the weekends are always so jam-packed! Hopefully it will calm down a little bit...yeah right
And now we are back in Logania. 
Guess what challenge we took on last week? Oh you know...just P90X, nbd. We're on day 9 now, and totally 
loving every minute of it :)
School is going well...nothing new, really! I'll try to keep up with posting more often.
Have a good day, don't freeze!