Mar 20, 2012


Two weekends ago we were lucky enough to go to the Salt Lake Temple
to witness our dear friends, the Lister's be sealed as a family.
 It was seriously such an amazing experience! 
I love the temple. 
Being there gave me a stronger desire to do my best in all things,
for my family. 
Thank you Brooke and Brady for having us there! We love you guys!

Later that evening Jon and I joined my fam for some
good ol' fashioned bowling!
Have you been to Fat Cats? Helloooo delicious pizza! 
 Little munchkin Ave
 My Honey drinking rootbeer
She'll go pro. Just watch.
 Yeah Boi! Strike
 We love bowlinggg
 Mom and Ty
 My sis is a beauty
Cute Holts!

We have lots of memories of bowling when we were younger,
so this was a great night!
I just need a little bit more practice, then I'll be back to my

Mar 16, 2012


Sometimes I wake up in the morning, realize how late I slept in, feel really tired, 
and go back to sleep.
Sometimes if I don't have work until five, I'm THE laziest person until about 3:45.
Then it's crunch time to get ready for work.
Sometimes all I want to do is lay in bed and play games on my phone.
 Or read blogs. 
I love our bed. 

Most times...I want to do these things ALL THE TIME.

Help me. Motivate me. Inspire me.
And maybe, Sometime, I'll change my ways. 

But for now? I prefer pj's over real clothes Anytime.

ps. I know what you're thinking.
"this girl will never survive having children!"
I am aware...
and just as nervous as you are.


Mar 15, 2012

Our Vacation

We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Cancun.
All you can eat, drink, swim, sun-bathe, play, etc.
Awesome, right? Yes.

This is our hotel room. 
King size bed. Couch. Tv. Mini-Fridge. Ocean View.
Need I say more?

Our walk to and from our room was an adventure in itself!

 Are you a reptile lover?

We all spent a lot of time on the beach.
Reading, talking, napping, playing catch and volleyball.

 I'd be okay with a beach as a back yard...
We ate.
and ate.
and ate.
The resort had lots of different restaurants.
Mexican. American. Japanese. Italian. a cafe. Seafood. 
and a buffet that was always switching it up!
The ice cream was one of my personal favorites. 
I probably had 17 cones. at least.
Japanese. again. {our favorite}

Some of us took some really awesome action shots...
See for yourself :) :
 We are weird.
and SO fun to be around!
 Jon and Dave got in a little fight...
 Jon's smile after the punch...haha!

A few of us got pretty sick, if you know what I mean. 
Let's just say I had to go to the bathroom about every 15 minutes. 
We couldn't figure out how we got it...
because we had eaten totally different things that morning.
and I thought I was being careful!
2 weeks later, I was back to normal! :)
We were able to go to church in the city.
It was a cool experience not understanding anything anyone was saying
other than "hermanos y hermanas"
But the spirit was totally there, I loved it.
 On our way to la iglesia
On the fourth day of our trip we took an excursion to 
Chichen Itza and Ik Balam
We went with the group, Mormon Encounters.
Our tour guide, Carlos, was so awesome!
He was able to tie each site back to the Book of Mormon. SO cool.
The day we went was when the nastiness hit me the hardest,
so I had quite a hard time paying much attention to what Carlos was saying.
But I did take some pictures ;)
 Cichen Itza

In between the two places, we visited an awesome
It was so beautiful! And oh-so refreshing!
We all got to be cliff jumpers for a minute

If you ever go to Cancun and want to go on an awesome tour, 
check out Mormon Encounters. 
Carlos was so great! He really knew his stuff.

 Thanks, Carlos!

I thoroughly enjoyed being on vaca 
with the one I love most :)
 A HUMONGOUS thank you
to Jack and Margo for making this amazing trip possible!
We had so much fun spending time with everyone,
this was such an unforgettable experience.
We love you guys!
 That's one good lookin' group!

Mar 14, 2012

Please tell me...

...that you have seen this movie:
This is my new favorite.
It's realistic, funny, moving, and definitely a tear-jerker.
If you haven't seen it, I hope you'll get out your dollars!
Or your debit cards, cause I'm sure it'll be in the Redbox soon enough.
Matt Damon, you're great.
Everyone please cross your fingers that my daughters will be like little Rosie 

Mar 8, 2012

Oh yeah...we went to Cancun!

Everyday I think about how I NEED to blog about our trip to Cancun...and it just doesn't happen!
 I think I'm just dreading writing the longest post ever and
boring you guys. 
So I'll try to keep it short and sweet.
How about breaking it up into multiples? 
Mmmmkay :)

If we are friends on Facebook, you may have seen my advice-status to 
NEVER travel through the Mexico City airport. Here's why:

Our plane from Salt Lake left 45 minutes late. It was annoying, but none of us were too worried
because we were expecting a two hour lay-over in Mexico City. 
We landed, went through the long line of customs and some other security check thing.
Then we got most of our bags set to get on the flight to Mexico (checked.) 
Well, suddenly we all realized we didn't actually have much time until our flight was scheduled to leave..
So we began to run. 
After going through security again, we hurried to our gate.
The only person there was the desk person
{mom- what is their position called?}
Uhh...where are all the passengers? Where is the airplane?
YEP. the plane was gone. And it was 2 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
For real?
So we were stranded. In Mexico. No one working in the airport actually knew English.
Luckily two of our THIRTEEN travelers knew Spanish from their missions 
twenty years ago...
We were worried about all of our bags being on the plane.
Most of them were still on the land, except for Amber's : /
Once the drug dogs were done sniffing them {what?} we could retrieve them.
After lots of arguing, lots of hours, and lots of stress,
they figured out they could put us on the stand-by lists for the following flights to Cancun.
Problem? It was now 8:30 and there were only two flights left. And like I said...Thirteen of us. 
Soooo 9 people in the group got on the flights, which left
me, Jon, Jacki and Brian.
By this time is was midnight. 8 hours in that airport had been enough.
We went to find one of the employees that told us he would get us a hotel room if we didn't make it.
We didn't find him until 1:30.
So we were driven out into Mexico city, which wasn't lookin' so hot...
{no offense to anyone that lives there.}
 I was scared for my life!
We got to the hotel,
got checked in,
 went to our rooms,
found that mine and Jon's had a two-inch crack at the top of the door {??}
and it smelled like someone died in there,
decided to sleep in J & B's room {thanks guys!},
got grossed out by the bathroom,
and started to go to sleep around 2:30.
Then someone walked in our room.
Ok, for real. We're on Punk'd, aren't we?? Where are the cameras.
No no. they just gave US the wrong key. No big. 
Anyway, after an hour and a half of semi-sleep, we were up-an-at-em.
Back to the glorious airport we go!
There was some sitting. Some stale doughnuts.
Some flights we couldn't get on.
But alas, we were on the third flight to Cancun.

That's basically the end of that part. 
Long enough?
The Feller Family advice for all of you:
Go to Cancun! But please, travel through Atlanta and avoid Mexico City
 at all costs.
You'll thank yourself. 

The next post will be about our awesome vaca. 
{Like I said, this was the bad part. Cancun was fantastic}
Goodnight, for now!
Waiting for the drug-dogs to finish.
Suuuuper excited about being stuck at the airport!
Guarding our bags.
Yes we had a ton of bags.
Peeps trying to get it all figured out.
And then there were four...Please ignore the placement of Jon's hand. thanks.
Jacki&Brian. Troopers. Brian basically SAVED us!
Now the www knows how the four of us look
on less than 2 hours of sleep.
We are preeeeeetttty! 

Mar 1, 2012

Hellurrr! I'm back. Well, WE'RE back from Cancun! 
There shall definitely be a looong post about the vaca soon,
I'm just not ready to spend that much time on ONE post. 
So, here's a fun little blog game going around!
 {Thanks for the tag, Emily!} 
Are ya ready?
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random facts.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter/fb and tell them you've tagged them. 

Well here I am on a lazy evening after work.
11 Random Factos about ^^this girl^^:
1. my day doesn't feel complete without a coca cola with extra ice.
2. I don't like to use wash cloths that have been sitting in the sink for more than one day. uh...earwigs!
3. my birthmark is located right next to my belly button.
4. I could sleep until eleven everyday, even if I went to bed at ten the night before. 
5. I get scared every single time I get on an airplane.
{I may or may not look at each person on there to see if anyone is acting slightly suspicious.} 
6. I tend to feel like I need to buy a new shirt every week. I just can't get enough!
7. 96% of my shirts have stripes. no joke. 
8. my car clock is 54 minutes fast. 
...I can't remember how to reset it. 
9. I cry when an animal gets hurt or DIES in movies. 
{Jon almost ran over a cat and didn't even feel bad about it. Can you believe that???}
10. it has been 5 months since I've colored my hair. ohmygoshlookatmyROOTS!
11. I could eat cereal, brownies, brownie batter, fries or dinner rolls for every single meal.


1. If you could go anywhere in the entire world where would it be?
Tahiti. The water looks beautiful and so intriguing! And romantic.
2. What is your favorite show on tv?
Parenthood. Watch it. 
3. If you could be any celebrity who would it be?
Carrie Underwood. She's beautiful, grounded, and has an amazing voice!
4. If you could go back to any age of your life what would it be and why?
Probably 14. I was really hard on myself at this time and wish I could go back and not worry so much about things. Not try to grow up so fast. Not obsess so much over certain boysss. haha. 
5. If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
First off- pay off my blasted student loans! how great would that be? then I'd build our "dream house" to grow our family in, then {hopefully} save the rest. 
6. If you could have a 2 minute shopping spree at a grocery store what would you buy?
Frozen meats, cereallll, ice cream! 
7. Black sock or white socks? or no socks?
Colorful socks or none. hence my super stinky feet.
8. Where was your last vacation?
Cancun Meheeko.
9. How many kids do you want and why?
Currently 6. {I haven't had any yes, currently 6}. 
Big families are fun. Hard, expensive, but fun!
10. What is your main reason for blogging?
Honestly, to stay in touch. With family and friends living far away and not enough time to talk to each and every person about every single life experience...blogs are great connectors. 
And blogging is a good way to get your thoughts out.  Oh, and everyone's doing it. ;)
11. What is your very first memory?
My {4th?} aunt gave my Barbie brand underwear and bra. I put them on and ran out in the front yard to show my brother and all of his 7 year old friends. 
My poor mother.
1. What is your favorite thing to do on your days off?
2. What is your main form of exercise?
3. What is your favorite clothing store?
4. If you could marry any celebrity who would it be?
5. What is your dream job?
6. How often do you do your chores?
7. What is your worst habit?
8. What is your favorite holiday? why?
9. Eating out or at home? 
10. What is your dream vacation? not just location...
11. What is your favorite sport to watch? play? 
mmmk cupcakes, the following have been tagged!
Melissa Smith 
Kamille Clifford
Maddie Higginson 
My mothers!