May 11, 2013


Do your hands and feet ever swell? 
My hands have always blown up a little bit when it is hot and I'm dehydrated.
Apparently carrying a baby makes your bod do crazy things at a more dramatic level. 
My feet get so swollen that it hurts to wear shoes all day. 
My calves are seriously like water beds after I stand for eight or more hours straight at work.
It takes a while for the sock indentations to go away ;)
{oh, and hello spidy veins!}
My hands are swollen 85% of the time. Sometimes I can't get my wedding ring off. 
Oh pregnancy, it's a beautiful thing! 

Last Sunday we were at one of our newest nephews baby blessing.
I was done having my finger circulation cut off, so I handed my ring to Jon to put in his shirt pocket. 
It was safe and sound and we made sure it was still there just before we left. 

Around 11 that night we were crawling into bed and I asked Jon if he would grab my ring 
so I didn't forget the next day.
He didn't hesitate to jump up and get it {he's really helpful, always}.
"uh... we have a problem!"
Yeah, the ring was gone. GONE! 
2 hours later our house and car had been torn apart and it was no where!
We seriously looked everywhere. Even in kitchen cabinets which hadn't been opened once that day. 
After saying a couple prayers each 
we called it a night and decided we'd check the yard and driveway in the morning.
I woke up a few times to Jon looking around our room and in the bed. He didn't sleep so well. 
When it was time to wake up {it was our anniversary :) } we were determined to find that treasure!
I headed into the clothes closet to search high and low for the 5th time and
 the first thing I grabbed was Jon's suit. I just started shaking it like a Polaroid picture.
Jon: "what are you doing??"
Ash: "I just want it to magically fall out!"
Nothin'.... Sad. 
My feller grabbed the suit from me to properly hang it back up...
The ring magically fell out! Are you kidding me?!
We couldn't stop laughing and even cried a little. 
From now on his Sunday attire will be known as The Magic Suit. 

I'm anxious to see what my hands and ankles look like once the little feller gets here in 8 weeks!
Just don't look too closely and I'll make pregnancy look like the funnest thing ever :)