Mar 20, 2013

the belly and a confession

This is mainly for my sisters/family and friends who are away and aren't really able to watch my belly grow... 
you guys will probably laugh at the early pictures, I really don't know why I even took them! 

 I mean really, it's silly that I even thought I looked slightly prego!
You can see a little bump there, right? 
I was not feeling too hot about myself this week, but hey I like the "U" that baby boy is sporting!
Here I am today, finally looking pregnant {right??}

I'll be honest one of the hardest things for me {mentally} this pregnancy has been the weight gain.
Weight has been one of the things I could actually have total control over in my life,
now it just feels out of my hands.
I didn't start gaining any until week 18 I think,
 and it just seems like it has been sky rocketing ever since!
Last time I went to the dr I was shocked- for reals. I was just over half way through and I weighed more than half the total weight I'd like to gain. aaand don't you gain more in the 3rd trimester?
That's when I knew it was time to start walking/exercising a bit more.
Yeah sure, I would say it's because I want to feel good and energized...
but deep inside I just don't want to see the scale jump 10 more pounds at my next appointment!
There is my confession. Please don't judge too harshly!
you're probably rolling your eyes right about now, and I accept that.
And I am getting better at accepting the fact that you gain weight when you have a human inside of you.
If the scale does jump up dramatically at my next appointment then I guess I'll just throw in the towel and holler "bring on the weight!"
because maybe there isn't much I can do about it after all ;) 

Mar 13, 2013

the little feller so far

Hey guess what? I total stranger asked me if I was pregnant today. I said, "Lucky for you, I am!" I wanted to give her a high five or something, because all I've been hearing is 'when are you going to look pregnant?' and 'are you sure there's a baby in there?'
My response? "You should see me when I'm naked!"
ha... that would never happen.
So here we are at 23 weeks! It's crazy to watch my belly grow. 
I'm grateful it's growing mainly because there is a little human in there and not entirely because I'm loving my coca cola a little much. 
I started feeling the little feller move around 16 weeks. At first it mostly felt little pokes all around my lower belly, but turned into stronger pokes and ROLLING around 18 weeks. 
Jon started to be able to feel the little movements around 19 weeks, but the babe likes to act like a statue as soon as one of our hands tries to feel him. 
The past couple of weeks I have been getting really sharp pains in my right upper back. Seriously? I was expecting my lower back to hurt but definitely not this. My dr said as long as my breathing is still normal, we're good! She also said working on my posture may help...I was slouching pretty badly when she gave me this tip :] 
Little does she know slouching actually lightens the stabbing pain momentarily! 
BUT I have to continually remind myself how lucky I have been in this pregnancy. I was basically just nauseous through the first trimester with very little {vomiting} and the week we entered the second trimester the nausea subsided! Hallelujah.
For the past ten weeks I've pretty much just been reeaallyy tired and on edge {mood wise} and I get heartburn at random times.
I'll take that over feeling like I'm on a roller coaster anyday! I don't think my hubby or employees would totally agree... sorry guys :/
We can't wait to meet him! It's crazy to think we only have 4 months to go. 
I wonder if this time will go fast? 
Hmm... probably not! 

Oh by the way. Jon is becoming an AMAZING foot masseuse. I am so lucky :)

Mothers, any tips on good leg exercises/movements to reduce cramping and swelling? 
Any of you experienced this sharp upper back pain? I'm assuming it's my ribs expanding... since that seems to be the case with the rest of my bod!
Is it normal to feel the babe move lots and lots for a few weeks, then just little bits here and there the next?
I just started going on walks 3-4 times a week {we are still in week one, ha}. Would it be okay to work up to a slow jog? Or is it smarter to just walk?