Mar 20, 2013

the belly and a confession

This is mainly for my sisters/family and friends who are away and aren't really able to watch my belly grow... 
you guys will probably laugh at the early pictures, I really don't know why I even took them! 

 I mean really, it's silly that I even thought I looked slightly prego!
You can see a little bump there, right? 
I was not feeling too hot about myself this week, but hey I like the "U" that baby boy is sporting!
Here I am today, finally looking pregnant {right??}

I'll be honest one of the hardest things for me {mentally} this pregnancy has been the weight gain.
Weight has been one of the things I could actually have total control over in my life,
now it just feels out of my hands.
I didn't start gaining any until week 18 I think,
 and it just seems like it has been sky rocketing ever since!
Last time I went to the dr I was shocked- for reals. I was just over half way through and I weighed more than half the total weight I'd like to gain. aaand don't you gain more in the 3rd trimester?
That's when I knew it was time to start walking/exercising a bit more.
Yeah sure, I would say it's because I want to feel good and energized...
but deep inside I just don't want to see the scale jump 10 more pounds at my next appointment!
There is my confession. Please don't judge too harshly!
you're probably rolling your eyes right about now, and I accept that.
And I am getting better at accepting the fact that you gain weight when you have a human inside of you.
If the scale does jump up dramatically at my next appointment then I guess I'll just throw in the towel and holler "bring on the weight!"
because maybe there isn't much I can do about it after all ;) 


Melissa Smith said...

Actually no. It's good to keep active and exercising. A lot of women think that to have a healthy pregnancy you just gain as much weight as you do and that's ok or that pregnancy is an excuse to let themselves go. The more you gain the higher your risk of gestational diabetes. 30 lbs is the average healthy weight gain for a singular pregnancy. There is no reason why gaining 50-60 lbs is acceptable unless you are on bed rest and high risk pregnancies. No reason why you shouldn't watch your weight gain as long as you're not trying to continue under the idea that you don't want to gain weight at all since you are pregnant and some weight gain is healthy for the baby. Just my opinion on it.

ashnicole said...

Melissa- totally agree! I definitely won't throw in the towel, just being sarcastic ;) I wasn't exercising regularly before we got prego and into the first few months so I'm definitely trying to get used to it {but I am enjoying it!} and its not that I don't want to gain ANY weight, just not as much as I feel like I will if the scale keeps jumping! If you exercise through your pregnancy your recovery will be better as well...lots of benefits other than not becoming an Oompa Loompa!

Rachel Paben said...

I was seriously just thinking today "I wonder what Ashley's lookin like these days" You haven't reached what I like to call "disgusting pregnant belly" stage ;) You look great and I predict that you will continue to look great!

Chels said...

You're the cutest! My mom gained 13 pounds while pregnant with me, how unfair, right?

Love and Such said...

I loved this post of all the pictures together like that.

Honestly, I'm the exact same way about gaining weight during a pregnancy. It freaks me out for the future. You are so naturally tiny I'm sure you'll lose whatever you gain quickly!!

..the blessings of being tiny right?!

Courtney Ann said...

Even if you don't look "that" pregnant early on, it's still fun to take the pictures especially if it's your first. And don't worry you are not alone at all about the weight thing... that's what I'm most worried about as well!

Stacie said...

Love the pictures! When I was pregnant with Lincoln, I gained 35 pounds and ever since then I've weighed about 15 pounds over what I did before I got pregnant (even after I had Conner it seemed to go back to that same weight). I'm totally there with you in not wanting to have a totally different 'mom shape'... but excessive weight gained during pregnancy is hard to work off! Eat healthy, be active, and talk to your doctor about how much weight she wants you to gain. That way you guys can track it together so that you gain the right amount, but not too much. Haha- and don't throw in the towel! One of my friends gained 60 pounds with a single baby.

Ben and Karin said...

I totally understand what you're talking about. I had a hard time gaining the weight. I didn't gain it slow and steady either. Some weeks I would gain nothing, sometimes I would gain for that week and the week before! Its a struggle. Walking is great for you pregos.. but especially if you weren't active before now is not the time to start anything even mediocre. Walking is great! Don't worry about the third tri either, I actually started loosing weight before baby even came, lots of women do :) And after baby I am actually smaller than I ever have been! There is plenty to look forward to, you are so cute pregnant and I'm so excited for you!

Kelsey Cole said...

You are a BABE Ash! So excited for your little feller :)

I totally get it about the weight worry, I think most all women think/worry about that during pregnancy! no need to feel guilty!

In addition to walking, it could be fun to try starting a strength training work out plan! Even just using light weight but doing high repetitions will build muscle. The more lean muscle you build, the higher your metabolism will be! While its unsafe to try and 'loose weight' during pregnancy, you CAN decrease body fat percentage with light strength training and it will not be dangerous for the baby!

Also I think one of the BEST strength and cardio workouts for pregnancy is a barre / pilates class. Once I get pregnant I am planning on getting a membership to a Barre studio! Its light cardio (not to intense) but it works all the muscle groups in the body. Plus it's a ton of fun :)

Aubrey said...

Ash, I feel your fear. It's hard for me to gain weight (must also be the controlling part of my brain), but what can you do? I honestly rarely stepped on the scale outside of appointments and didn't weigh myself until 6 weeks after both Kennedy and Noah were born. I didn't want to become preoccupied with the numbers (although I only gained 33 pounds). You should check out for workout ideas. I just finished Insanity (again) and am thinking of switching back over to CrossFit now. Best of luck! And you're so stinkin cute.

Megan said...

You are the CUTEST pregnant girl!! I gained a lot with my son and I hated it... ha. But I was too sick and in too much pain to do too much exercising. So I think it's great that you are able to stay in shape and are making those goals! You seriously look so amazing!

Hayley said...

You are probably the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen!!! Seriously, you look great Ash! So excited for you!