Jun 28, 2011

Welcome to our krib

What up! You know when writers experience this little thing called a "writers block?" Well I am currently in the state of "bloggers block." I can't for the life of me think of anything super cool to write about. I mean yeah, being a newlywed is way fun and exciting, but I don't think you want to hear about our day to day work routines. I still have 13 hour days, still haven't spent much more than 2 hours at home other than when I'm sleeping, but it has been so great and I'm thankful each day for the life I have been blessed with!
Well here is something for ya... yesterday I got way tired of trying to upload the fifty-something pictures from the wedding, so I decided that I'd give you a picture tour of our house we'll be living in for the next while. We seriously SCORED! Honestly, we should not be living in a place this fantastic as newlyweds, but it's just as cheap as all the little dumpy places you'll find around Logan.
Welcome to our Krib. Let us show you around. 
We live in a cute townhome here in Cache Valley.
{I hope this front door isn't too recognizable to any blog creepers! (none of YOU of course :)}
Come on in! there is a nice set of stairs in the left photo
{ooo, aaa!}
On the right you see a slice of our kitchen and my husband playing his salvation when I am at work: 
NFL, Playstation style.
Our little kitchen. My only complaint- Not enough storage space! Oh and some hundreds of ants creepily crawling on the floor and sometimes counters
{eeew, AAAH!} 
Don't worry, Windex works!
Our living room. We're still working on getting it to feel complete, but we LOVE our (very sheddy) rug, couch (thank you Britt and Nick!) and our coffee table centerpiece that we put together for a whopping 8 bucks! 
{thank you hon for-kinda- being my little model}
Shall we go upstairs? 
{We officially finished off our giftcards when we purchased that mirror the other day. Thank you loved ones for helping us make our townhouse into a home! We've probably only spent about $50 of our own money on home items.
Giftcards are the bomb. Holla'!}
The guest/music/study/sewing/ironing/whatever room that I will only let you get a glimpse of because it will probably be messy for about 7 more months : ) You should've seen it 2 days ago, it was a sea of boxes and crap I've been saving up all through college and life before.
Hoarder? Kinda. 
Just the hallway
Jon's favorite room ; ) The potty room is attached to our bedroom. It's a great size for the two of us.
{If you want hot water in this sink, you have to turn on the shower.}
Weird? Yes. 
{Oh, whenever the neighbors turn on their water it's SO loud, so I can only imagine how annoyed they get with us, being early risers-not by choice haha- and late nighters-again, not by choice.}
Doesn't our bedding ROCK? We got it from part of Jon's fam at our shower. We love it! 
Fact: if you have cute bedding, you are more likely to make your bed each day : ) Jon is a pro.
ps. thanks Dad and Deedee for the bed! We are so lucky. 
THIS is our swamp cooler. It costs us like 7 bucks a month. It's the bessst.
Who woulda thought Logan could actually get really hot?
So who's ready to come visit us?
Our couch is comfy, stay a while! 
Heck, I'll even make ya some dinner in one of our 4 crockpots we have left ; ) 
Thanks for visiting!

Jun 21, 2011

Jon and I

As you know {I'm pretty sure} uploading pictures onto Blogger can take quite a while...and I just can't wait to share some pictures! So tonight I share with you: Part One. Mine and Jon's experience around the temple. He's so cute in every single picture, lucky me :). 
I wish I could go back and relive this special day, everyone was so happy! Especially us.
Here ya go my loves...

{had to post my bridal hair by Heather. she rocks!}
Yep. We got THE best weather in the whole month of May. 
What a blessing! 
Thank you Envy Foto for working with us, you guys are awesome! 

Jun 20, 2011


Our wedding pictures made it here...finally!
Cross your fingers that I'll have time to put some on here tomorrow night. 
Yea yea!

Jun 7, 2011

I'ma I'ma Diva

2 days before the wedding, my mom, grandma, Britt, Ave and I went and got manicures and pedicures. When I got there look what I found...

Little Miss Diva.
Ave got a hold of Britt's lip gloss. She did a pretty good job for a two year old! 
I love my nieces and nephews, they are too cute for words.

Jun 2, 2011

So far

So far Jon and I have been nothin but busy! It's a good thing, and a tiring thing. This weekend we have 5 days off from the office, it's Dr. Gordon's ten year anniversary! So Jon and I will be "playing house" with their four little cuties til next Tuesday. I'll be working 3 out of the 5 days at TJ's. So really, Jon will play daddy. :).
I just have to say how great he is. Yesterday I worked 8-4 at the office then 5:30-10 at Tj Maxx. Needless to say it was a long day. I'm so lucky to have a cute husband that I get to work with. I'll walk by him and he'll wink at me or send a cute little smile my way. {Are you throwing up yet? Or maybe blushing?} On my hour break between jobs he wouldn't let me do any cleaning {which seriously needs to be done!} and made me go upstairs and take a cat-nap while he made breakfast burritos for dinner. Mmm. He surprises me with his cooking skills! Remember my last post where he was cooking me some fine Chinese food?

The aftermath. Messy! Like our new Wok? 
Yeah, it was the bomb. 
He is the bomb. I'm married to the bomb! 
anyway, I love him. a whole lot. 
Well I just waited 3 hours for Comcast dudes to get here and set up our internet/cable {our neighbors are awesome and have let us used theirs for the time being...but I'm pretty sure we are overstaying our welcome, so to speak} Turns out my order online didn't go through or something. I just got off the phone with them and they said I put our address in wrong and they don't email you when a  problem like that occurs. What the, weird? So 8 more days without connections...thanks neighbors!...
I better go back to the kiddos. I hope everyone has a great weekend and this weather will shape-it-up!