Oct 23, 2012


If we are friends on instagram, you've seen all of these. 
If not, here are some recent {or two month old} pictures of life lately...

Pedicures with Britt a couple days before...

 The Holt's became 4! Welcome, Liam! 

Lots of hanging out with my favorite Avery, isn't she cute? 

 No dishwasher= lots of dishes every other day!

 Haha. This happened on a day at work that wasn't my very fave. Fun to laugh about it now!

 My last visit to see Jon in Texas {he's home now...told ya these are old ;)}

 A little golf with the Smith's. They just moved into our ward! 
Church is so much more fun with friends. 

 A walk around temple square

 UofU vs USU. I wasn't sure who to cheer for...
Proud of my Aggies! {don't tell Jon}

 More time with this cute girl.

 The Witch Festival at Gardner Village, super cute witches {and kiddos!}

 Liam is already 2 months old! 

 I went to California for work for a couple days.
Yogurtland took us to a Padres game! 

 The view from the condo. Good morning!

 We celebrated our birthdays, can't believe we're 23!

Last week I treated myself to a glorious pedicure. 
After an hour I knew all about the nail guys non-existent love life. 
It was kind of depressing! But felt oh so good :)

Anyway, that's lately...kind of! 
Hopefully I can think of some fun things to actually blog about. Any ideas? 

Oct 7, 2012


I swear I haven't died or anything, just busier than I thought possible.
All I have to say today...was I as unreliable as a teenager as most of the ones I happen to have hired?
Today when five o'clock rolled around I was planning on going to my in-laws to hang out and possibly make donuts. To my surprise I learned I'd be closing.
Yay for 16 hour shifts! I've done too many in my day..or in the last 4 months.
I'm seriously trying to look on the brighter side about these silly work problems, but there doesn't seem to be another side.
How do you guys keep your cool? Maybe management isn't for me?
Where can I possibly find employees that won't complain about every Little thing, or get sick two hours before their shift every other week?
I'm just grateful I have two employees (besides my hubby and sis in law) that I can count on, and no they are not my little brothers.
Tomorrow will be better. For now, I think I'll sleep for 16 hours.
Ps wow you could can call me Nancy, Negative Nancy.