Nov 19, 2015

She's Back!

You guys... It's official. I'm the worst
. I literally have not opened this blog since Oli was 6 months old. Two years ago! That's really sad. 
BUT! I've had this itch to blog again for a couple reasons. 
1- Memories. Let's be honest, I don't write in my journal more than once a year. 
I need some way to record whats-a-happenin' in our little family. 
2- My sanity. If you are around little kids all day, you know what I mean. 
There's only so much fb and insta scrolling you can do throughout the day to take a little break from the daily tantrums and frequent bum changes. 
So HEY! I'm really hoping this will last and I'll find joy in writing out some of my thoughts. 
I may even share some of my favorite recipes and other yummy things like that. We shall see. 

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