Nov 19, 2015

My Girl

In case you didn't know... We have a new{ish} addition to our family! 
Her name is Reese. She is really pretty and happy and we love her a lot!
Here is her birth story.
Sidenote: I had {our now 2 1/2 year old} Oliver 3 weeks early, so throughout all of my pregnancy with Reese I just planned on having her early. This stressed me out because we had a family reunion and were moving within those weeks that I thought she was coming. 
Once I hit 37 weeks I was on edge 24/7! It's all I could think about...
was that a contraction? why can't I remember what a contraction feels like?
where will we all be sleeping when she comes? 
should I be lifting these boxes? I should lift more boxes.
I want her to come, but am I really ready for 2 kids?? 
I was going crazy...for reals.
Early on in the pregnancy my dr asked me if I would want to be induced. 
I quickly said no, because there's no way I was going to reach my due date!
{BTW- I was dilated to a 1 at 34 weeks, then a 3 at 37 weeks}
Well what do you know, my due date came and I was DONE being a crazy lady.
I had a dr appointment that day and asked when I could be induced. 
Much to my surprise she said, "today!" Didn't expect that. 
She told me to hurry home and grab my bag and get Oli situated and head to the hospital within 2 hours. 
Suddenly I wasn't so sure I was ready to share my love with another little feller just yet!
Last picture as a family of 3

My inlaws and sister in law took care of my little dude for the time I was in the hospital. It was so nice knowing he was in loving hands, 
I would've been a {bigger} stress case otherwise. 
My one and only belly picture

We got checked in around 2, I put my gown on, then we got to hang out for a while.
{I had to have penicilin in my system for 4 hours before getting anything going}
3 hours in, my nurse said we could break my water to start the process. She gave me the option of having my epidural first, and I was like HECK YEAH! 
Painless labor is pretty cool. 
Broken water...check
Bachelorette Men Tell All on the tv...check {lucky Jon}

Within the hour after my water was broken, I was feeling lots of pressure with each contraction. 
It wasn't painful pressure, but I could definitely feel that Reese was getting ready to make her entrance! 
I clicked on the epidural-juice button a couple times in anticipation of pain, but it never came!
I was quickly dilated to a 10, things were moving really fast. 
My dr showed up, I pushed twice, felt everything {minus pain, again}
 then we heard the most piercing baby cry. 
This girl wanted her presence to be known! 

Welcome to the world, Reese Nicole! 
7lbs, 21 inches
Sweet in every way

I didn't tear as bad this time, and my recovery felt so much better. Lucky!!
I was often scared I wouldn't have anymore room in my heart for more kids...
Oliver took up all of the space! 
The amazing thing? My heart instantly grew bigger the day Reese was born.
Reese has been the best little baby. I recently started calling her "Flow" because she honestly just goes with the flow. As long as you aren't completely ignorning her, she is happy as can be. Even when her big bro is smothering her with "hugs and kisses". 
{his hugs= laying on top of her with all of his body weight...not so gentle but she just goes with it, grinning from ear to ear}
She is a great eater, semi-good sleeper, and nothing short of beautiful. 

I am so grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father that trusts me with these sweet babies. 
Being a mom of two under 2 has it's challenges, but I am quickly reminded what a blessing it is. 


Melissa Smith said...

So sweet! Glad you're back!

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