Aug 18, 2016


  • I guess I'm really awesome at blogging once every 6-12 months. That's great and all, but what is the point of having blog space if you aren't going to use it? Especially if you've been paying $2.75 a month toward more storage space for the last 4 years. Whoops! 
  • Speaking of 4 years- it's hard to get over the fact that there are FOUR YEARS of life events {really important ones, at that} that have not made it onto this blog. I blame instagram! I feel like it came and swooped all the regular bloggers up into the ease of posting a picture and a short description. I love insta, just like I love this blog. And as much as I LOVE seeing everyone's pictures {and posting pictures of my own} I feel like it only gives me a moment of relief. I miss writing things out. Writing is therapeutic. And it's hard. Doing hard things is fulfilling. Sitting down to write with two little ones needing me at every moment besides when they are soundly asleep is HARD. I can do hard things! 
  • I'm kind of at the point in my life where I need something for me. With having babies and staying home with them comes the potential loss of yourself. I wouldn't say I've completely LOST myself, but I could very well be on that path if I don't find something to do daily/almost daily that is more uplifting than mindlessly scrolling through my social media apps multiple times a day because I just don't have the ability to....I just lost my train of thought because the kids are screaming at me :D 

I'll be back. Maybe in 6 months, but I WILL be back.